Saturday, June 28, 2003

I'm almost out of here
Well..., this will be my last post here for a while. I think everything else will be posted to Fusion Worship - Costa Rica 2003, until I get back. Have fun while I'm gone!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Yahoo news: Do-Not-Call List Registration Starts Soon

We've been on the Colorado no call list for some time. But this is a national one!
I just logged into Blogger and the new editing screen came up! It works GREAT with Mozilla. Yeah, I'm happy.

OK... so I spoke too soon. The Mozilla one is better, but still not as good as using IE. :-( Well... I'll probably try it once in a while, just to see if it gets better. I'd rather not have to bring up IE at all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

I'm still here
Some folks have asked how come I haven't blogged since the 11th. Yeah, I'm still here... but I've just been really busy lately. I've been working on two projects since last week, and I'm getting ready to go to Costa Rica with FusionWorship. So its just been crazy lately.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

BBCnews: Pakistan tackles killer kites
Kite flyers in Pakistan's Punjab Province will face murder charges and a possible death penalty if their sharpened strings cause more deaths.

Wow... I had a kite book when I was a kid that talked about how to do this. Never thought about how dangerous it might be!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

msnbc: Your guide to the Mars rovers
The what, when and why of NASA's twin assault on Mars.
Cool. They are supposed to land Jan 4th and 25th, 2004

Thursday, June 05, 2003

NewsFactorNetwork: GPS Used To Test Car Speed Control
Hmm... but what if I don't want to go the speed limit? ;-)
ComputerWorld: Ballmer targets Linux in annual memo
Google PhoneBook
Google has added a new feature.

Google has added the convenience of US street address and phone number lookup to the information we provide through our search box. You'll see publicly listed phone numbers and addresses at the top of results pages for searches that contain specific kinds of keywords.

Wow... type in anyone's phone number and get their full name, address, etc., as well as directions to their house via MapQuest or YahooMaps.
Cool feature... or invasion-of-privacy / security-risk? Well... it does appear that it is linked to the public phone directory, so if I can look you up in the phone book, I can do the same thing by hand. Just automates it for me.  And if your number is not listed, then it doesn't show up.
The world gets smaller all the time!

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

StarWarsNews: Wins an MTV Movie Award, Yoda Does
Fear Factor
Fear Factor is on and they are drinking an ostrich egg... which is about a pint of fluid.
Me: I think I could do that.
Tina: I don't think I could.
They start drinking it, and I almost throw up just watching.
Me: OK... maybe I couldn't
Cause and effect?
Reading mighty girl, I sometimes wonder if these things happen to her because she blogs her observations. I mean... do these things happen to everyone, but most of us just don't notice... because we aren't recording it? I believe that when I'm in my "I should blog interesting things that happen" mode, more interesting things tend to happen. But usually I'm too busy, so I'm just blogging other posts, articles, etc. Maybe I'll keep an eye out and see if anything interesting happens...