Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Great Hackers

This is a GREAT article by Paul Graham. Yet again, another article that explains how I think, function at work, etc. Cracked me up... although it isn't really funny. I think another thing about great hackers is that they'd love to work for a company that understands great hackers (and google is probably one of those).

Thursday, August 19, 2004


"Computers are like air conditioners they are useless when you open Windows."


So Google IPOed today, and I'm wearing my google shirt. I didn't even realize. Of course everyone is like, "Did you get some stock?", "Huh? Oh - no, I just have the shirt." :)


All is not happy in architecture land. Every have one of those days when you just want to chuck it all? Maybe go up into the mountains away from all people. Yeah... its been a fun few days.

Apparently everyone is not overjoyed with my new position. Being drug into 2 hour meetings, daily, with a manager to hear that people are whining because I'm asking them to follow standards, do things the right way, etc. is getting trying.

There is a reason I didn't become a manager... I didn't want to deal with all the "people issues". Apparently I was mistaken. As a co-worker said, "Its like dealing with a bunch of third graders."

But hey, I'm only putting in 55 hours a week, and working from home all night to keep up. So what's there to complain about. :(

I'm going to where my Google, "I Feel Lucky" t-shirt today. I think irony is a good thing. LOL :)

Monday, August 16, 2004

Its a small world

When Tina was a little girl, her family used to take trips "up north" in MI, to go to the lake, cabin, whatever. She always told me about this Pinconning Cheese store that had a big mouse on top of its roof. They always stopped there every trip, and years later when we were married and going to school at the UofM, we took a trip "up north" and stopped there as well. Us and Tif. (this was before Jaime was born). Well year later Tif marries Brian, who is from MI. Today she and Brian are on their way "up north" to go to his grandfathers cabin on the lake. And she called Tina to say they were stopping to get some Pinconning Cheese and snacks to take with them, and they were at the same store! How cool :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2004 - Koko the gorilla calls for the dentist

Cool. I used to read all about her in National Geographic when she first learned to sign. - Teens' wireless feat could be world record

Four Ohio teens made a 55.1-mile wireless connection at a recent hacker conference in Las Vegas that might be a world record.

Monday, August 02, 2004

VanHalen RAWKS

Great show last night at the Pepsi Center. Loud, driving, typical VanHalen. Although they are getting older (aren't we all), you couldn't really tell it. They still rock as hard as ever... maybe even harder. It was awesome. And Wolfgang came out and played a solo with Eddie. Very cool. :) He looks to be about 15 or so. I can just hear him asking Valarie, "Ah come on mom. Let me go on tour with Dad." ;)

The show ended at 10:45, so it was a long one. I was suprised at home much DLR-era music they did.

Went with Tif, Jaime, and my Mom and Dad. And we all enjoyed it. VanHalen, a band for all ages... ;-)

The girls loved it. And they thought each member of the band was so talented. I can't say enough, so I'll just leave it at each one of them is incredible at what they do... just as much as any time I've seen them before, and this is at least the fourth time, maybe 5th. Assuming they tour again, I'd definately see them.


Speaker of the House calls for elimiatation of IRS. I doubt it would happen... but if we could remove the IRS and still provide enough tax to the govn't, that alone would elimiate a hugh cost. Would be cool.