Sunday, February 23, 2003

Tulsa - Day 2 - AM
Looks like the DSL is not working, at least for now. The network guys are supposed to be here tomorrow, and *maybe* they can get it working. For now, I can just use the modem, and 'cause the DSL is not working, they'll comp the local calls. Hey... $0.75 a call is not much... but it adds up if you don't leave your machine hooked up all day! So that was cool.

Very nice hotel so far... Got up at 7:30, worked out, went swimming, ate breakfast. Talked to the staff about various little issues, which they got right on.

Only bad note... weather is bad here and Tif can't drive out. Based on weather reports, she may not make it tomorrow either. :-( There is a chance she'll come out during the week, and we have plenty of free time... but it would have been cool to see her today and tomorrow, when we basically have nothing to do but hang out. But they are advising "don't travel unless you have to", so good thing she is staying home. But we are sad anyway.
As I said in the last entry... "don't panic." I'm getting in bed and Tina slightly wakes up so:
Me: can I talk to you a sec?
T: mmm hmm
Me: I think I left my glasses and medicine in the Springs.
T: remember you told me to put them in my carry-on so you wouldn't lose them?
Me: Oh yeah, where is that?
T: in the closet

What would I do w/o my wife? Be totally lost probably.

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Don't panic
Hmm... it appears I may have left my glassess and my medicine at home. Since I have to have both (unless I want to stumble to/from the bed after I take my contacts off), I'll have to have Jaime FedEx them out here... unless Tina put them somewhere I don't know about. But I kind of doubt it. Sigh...
Tulsa - Day 1
Left home this morning. Lana came and picked up the pastoral staff and gave us a ride (all 6 of us and our luggage) to the airport. Thanks much!

Made it to Tulsa w/o much hassel. Bags @ airport were a little heavy, but did some shifting and got them all under the required weight. Strange that the bathroom bag was as heavy as mine bag... until Tina mentioned that she had packed 10 - 14 lbs of hand weights. She is sooo cute. I just love her. :-) Plane ride was pretty uneventful.

Hotel has a modem data-port, and apparently an ethernet connection over DSL (300K - 500K). Hooked up to the ethernet port but nothing automatically happened. A brief description makes me believe I have to get Cox Communication software. I'll check with the hotel tomorrow. So... if nothing else, I'll be on over normal phone lines, though I'm still hoping for DSL.

This is the 2nd day the hotel has been opened... so things may not be supper smooth. I've already pulled the refridgerator out from the wall, determined that the circuit it was in wasn't working, and plugged it in somewhere else. It seems to be working now. (11:00 at night and Tina is sleeping... so not a good idea to have hotel staff up here.) Also there is a safe "please do not close when you check out". It is closed, so I can't open it to program the new password. Will also mention that to the hotel staff tomorrow.

Hotel is close to a number of restaraunts, movies, Super Target, etc. So... won't have to do much driving.

Tif is coming over tomorrow and spending the night. Very cool. (Love ya babe!)

And just in case Jaime is checking the blog... love you too kid. Hope Fusion went great. I can't wait to hear all about it. (Jaime played keys for the first time in worship tonight!)

Well... guess that's it for now... live from Tulsa.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Found the Wiki Wiki Web. Pretty cool stuff. The whole wiki concept in general is cool. And this is a cool site. People from the development community discussing topics... and editting each other's posts with updates, fixes, etc. Hmm... another place for me to go post thoughts. Been looking at it for a while, but so far have not posted anything. Easy of use similar to Blogging... but very different in that a) I know it will be read by others, and b) it is a dialouge rather that a monologue. I now have a home page there.
In Tulsa next week
I'll be in Tulsa next week. Never been there. Going out for a Pastor's Conference. How bizzare is that? Actually not bizzare at all... but who would have thought growing up that at 44 I'd be a Youth Leader, and Tina would be a Pastor and we'd be going to a Pastor's Conference with the rest of the pastoral staff. Very cool... but still, kind of bizzare looking back on it. :-)

We are flying, and had to leave on Saturday (even though it doesn't start until Monday night) to get a cheap flight. So... in Tulsa w/o much to do all day Sunday and Monday. So... Tif is coming to see us!. Brian is going a cross-country flight, so she's driving up and we'll spend some time together. Very cool.

I'm taking my computer and hopefully will get a good connection from the hotel. I plan on doing some work while I'm there... plus will probably blog some (of course!).
My baby is turning 16
Jaime turns 16 tomorrow! As I posted previously, she is going to the Castle today and spending the night. They are having tea at 2:00 PM and I'm going to run over from work (its about 1/2 a mile away!) and join them. It will be cool to see the girls all dressed up!

Tif's 16th birthday party was at the Larkspur Firestation (were Tina and I were volunteers). Lots of kids, dancing, etc. Tif and I danced to "Butterfly Kisses". A very cool father/daughter "my baby is growing up" moment... and I of course cried.

Jaime is going a totally different direction on her 16th. No big party, lots of people. Instead just her and a few close friends spending some time together. I won't even see them, other than the tea. But it will be very cool for her and something she will remember.

Love ya kid! xoxo
Klogging, blogging, use of "tools"
Hmm... I thought about this since I wrote it yesterday, and it was probably long, rambling, and may have sounded a bit whiny... so I'm pulling this entry and the two that went with it, and will re-work them and post later.
Kellee and Doug are back in town for a few days. Kellee was one of the first people to move onto Sheriff from FMS. One of the "old gang". They were at Old Chicago last night for Happy Hour. I usually don't go to those kind of things much, but hadn't seen them since they left (2 years ago?), so went over. It was very cool. Steve and Larry were both there as well. It was really cool to see people who used to work on the team, but have left... well YEARS ago now. Time flies. It was cool just to catch up. Kellee and Doug are grand-parents! How cool!

Kellee mentioned that she had seen this blog and checked it out. Thought it was cool. (Ah... another person reading it, at least once. I think I'm up to maybe 5 now!). Made me start thinking about blogging again. (Not doing it of course... but the concept). How I blog, what I should put here, etc. I think it could be a cool way to keep up on what folks are doing. Kind of like an open letter to the public. If more people I knew did that... I'd know what was going on in their lives. Made me start thinking though... would someone reading this know what was going on in my life? Perhaps some. But mostly I just post stuff I find interesting, make lilttle commentaries, etc. So, maybe I'll start putting more stuff about "me" out here. Perhaps not in-depth personal insights... but just "hey, here is what is going on."

Anyway, it was very cool to see Kellee, Steve and Larry again.
My head is spinnin
It's 3:00 AM, I've had 4 hours of sleep, and my head is spinning. Thinking about so much stuff (why does that happen anyway... not sure). I know myself well enough to know that if I've gotten 4 hours of sleep, I might as well get up, 'cause I'm not falling back to sleep. Not with this much stuff going on in my head.

My dreams (at times) are starting to be in blog format. How bizzare. "I should say this, record this", this thought passes through my head. Kind of like when I was in school and I'd all of a sudden know how to fix a bug, in my sleep... and I'd have to get up and fix it, or think about it all night. Well now I'm thinking about "stuff", and until I actually get up and write it down, I'll just lay there thinking about it. So... here I am. Is it because it is so important and world-notable that I MUST write it? No... its just stuff I think about. No one may ever read it... or may get bored with it part way through... but I still feel the need to write it anyway. :-S

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Getting quiter
Ev is off-line, doing some thinking. Drag..., since he usually has some really good links, but I understand why. Good for him. Guess I'll just have to go searching and find some other cool blogs.
Generating problems
Lately I've been able to post quite easily, but when I try to publish (and Blogger generates the pages), it gets an "Error 503: Unable to load template file. We're working on this. Please try back later." error msg. Kind of a drag. It was happening within the last two weeks, and I waited a few days and was able to publish. But the entry before this I created about 24 hours ago, and I haven't been able to publish yet... :-(
Hmm... editted the template (didn't change anything), [save changes], [publish], and it all worked fine. So... note to self, next time I get this error, just reload the template and see if that fixes it.

Friday, February 14, 2003

Quite week
Most the blogs I follow have been pretty quite this week. Kind of strange... Most of them are somewhat personal... not anything intimate... but it at least appears you know something about them, what they think, etc. (Rather than say a strictly technical blog, etc.). Kind of like all your friends being gone on vacation. Kind of weird to realize...
Broadway Deli
Stopped at Broadway Deli on the way in. Got a 42nd Street (About 2 inches of Corned Beef and Pastrami on Rye). Yum. My new favorite deli/sandwhich shop.
Last warm day before a snow storm?
I'm not sure why, but I saw 4 motorcycle cops on the highway this morning, in about a half mile strip. And three of them had people pulled over. Pretty much out in force for some reason.

The annoying part was that we were accellerating up the on-ramp (like you are supposed to do) and the guy two cars in front of me notices the first motorcycle cop as he gets near the end of the on-ramp, and stomps on his breaks. Since we were sill under the speed limit, and doing nothing wrong, I'm not sure why... but it was pretty annoying to have to slow down right as you are trying to merge into traffice. :-S
That was slick
My laptop is back up and running. Tuesday morning when I came in, it wouldn't power up. After messing with it for a while, we (some people that know, and me) decided that the system board must be bad. I didn't want to be w/o it while I waited... so I borrowed an extra laptop that was pretty close (both are Dell Latitudes), pulled my hard drive, put it in the other machine, and I was up and running. I did have to download a video driver and reboot a few times while it reconfigured... but all it all it was pretty simple.

The support guys got me a new board in two days, and by Thur afternoon it was replaced, I had switched the hard drives, and my laptop is back and running. I complain a lot about Windows compared to VMS, etc... but being able to just switch the hard drives around like that is pretty nice.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Computing at the U of M
Someone at work was discussing how they kicked off a script to run last night, expecting that they'd come in this morning and have results. Unfortunately their script had an error, so it exited shortly after it started, and no tests were run. Made me think back to my Computer Science classes at The University of Michigan.

When you turned in a program, you did so by creating a script and submitting it to the main computer. It would run the script, (which usually did a listing, showed the data files, and then ran the program). The batch job would list the time at which the job was run. All programs had to be run before midnight of the due date. The TAs and Professors always stressed, "Make sure your job is run before midnight... and make sure the script works before you submit it! If it isn't run before midnight, you'll get a 0. No exceptions." People were almost always pressed for time, and submitting their jobs close to midnight. Some unfortunate person would end up submitting it right before midnight from the north lab. They'd then catch a bus to central campus, go to pick up their listing, and find out that their job died... and it was now after midnight. result - 0.

Because of this I pretty much always tested my jobs early, would insure they worked, and then might tune things right up to the last minute... but at least I knew when it went in, it would work. One time I did, and I got to the lab where the printer was, 5 minutes before midnight. Picked up my printout, and there was an error!!! There was one terminal from which I could submit in this lab... but after much pleading the user who was on it logged off, I fixed my script, resubmitted, and made the dead-line!

Also... our accounts were credited with a certain amount of funds at the beginning of the class. CPU usage, paper usage, etc. was charged against these funds. I remember one time calling a Professor at 10:00PM, asking for more money in my account because it was all gone and I didn't have enough left to print the job. I knew I was cutting it close... but when I picked up the printout, there it was... my listing, the data file, and then the beginning of the run... and all of a sudden something to the extent of "No more funds available, job exiting." :-( After that, I made sure I always had plenty of funds.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Junk or Treasure
MightyGirl posted a link to her latest article, Life Lessons in Literature. I thought her account of Book: A Little Princess was especially touching. Some times people just don't understand what a treasure something might be to someone. "You've had it forever and never look at it.", "You've already read those books, why do you keep them?", and so forth. But for some of us, we just get some pleasure out of all our "stuff". It reminds of us things. Yeah... I don't look through my "stuff" very often... but once in a while I will, and think back to when the kids were little, when I was little, whatever. Anyway, it was a cool article.

I sent her mail and told her so, and she was kind enough to reply. How cool is that. :-)
Following various links, ended up on a site that was talking about blogrolling. An interesting idea. I do add a number of links, and yeah, it is kind of a pain to edit the template... But not that big of a pain. I've already got outside comments and hit counts going on... I think I'll leave it at that for now. But I still thought it was kind of interesting.

Friday, February 07, 2003

ZDnet: Ex-student accused of spying on campus
A former Boston College student has been indicted for allegedly installing spyware on more than 100 campus computers and could face up to 20 years in prison

Thursday, February 06, 2003

Microsoft worried about Linux
In a post by Computer Vet, he includes part of the 30 page doc Microsoft filed with the SEC, in which they discuss the challenge to their business model, posed by Linux.
In case anyone hasn't noticed... Much of "how" I blog stuff, the format, is taken from others. As I've said many times, I follow b-may, mighty girl and ev quite a bit. Lately I've noticed that sometimes ev will just post a link, and not really say anything about it. Or he'll post it and put maybe a one line comment. Usually I post a subject (like b-may and mighty girl do) and content. But ev's style, for some things, just fits better. So... I'm using it.

It just kind of feels weird when you just copy someone else's post and don't add anything. But sometimes I think what they linked to is interesting, and I really don't have anything else to say! But I felt it was at least worth giving them credit!
David Galbraith: the importance of human space exploration

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The Shuttle
Reading through some VMS stuff, and came across this comment on the technology of the Shuttle. After that is a copy of Regan's speech after the Challenger exploded..
An article explaining the significance of VMS "start time", which is 17-Nov-1858. Also mentions that the digital time routines are valid until July 31, 31086. Cool!
Top 10 Signs you are an OpenVMS Fanatic
#6 - You know the corect way of writing a date is DD-MMM-YYYY.

Well duh. :-) Is there any other way to write a date?

And this is great:
You don't bother to exit your editor when you leave on a two week vacation.

Done that many times. Of course now I work on Unix and you have to log out every night... cause hey, what if the system goes down. You don't want your files getting corrupted... Its kind of funny how *nix user's rag on Windows... when *nix in so many ways has the same kind of issues when compared to VMS. Yeah, *nix is much better than Windows, but VMS is still a scale above that, IMO. I still miss things I could do on VMS *6* years ago, that I still can't do on *nix.
c|net: Itanium gives OpenVMS new lease on life
Hewlett-Packard engineers on Friday got the OpenVMS operating system up and running on an Itanium-based computer, a crucial step to ensuring the venerable OS doesn't suffer the fate of many of its shorter-lived contemporaries.

25 years old, and still the best OS around. I miss it. Good to know it has a future. Maybe someday I'll be working on it again!

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

FAT: We've Got to Stop Eating Like This
And how is the food at the Calhoun School in Manhattan this year, now that Chef Bobo is in charge?
"It's awesome," says a student diner. "The hot dogs don't bounce."

You can have students who don't eat junk!
Went and saw Sixpence, None The Richer at 32 Bleu last night. Went with Jaime, Michael and Bobby. The club was packed, it was smoke filled, people drinking and body-to-body. I stood for 3 hours or so, which killed my knee... and I'd do it again in a minute. Sixpence was great. Leigh Nash has such a cool and distinctive voice. And the rest of the band was great as well. If I had to describe Leigh Nash's stage presence, it would be a mix of Stevie Nicks (in the early days) and Emily Terbush. :-) OK... that was weird... but if you know Emily, and you saw Leigh, you'd get it immediately.

Sometimes you listen to a CD and you wonder if the band will pull it off live. And then you hear what sound like background vocals, and wonder "How are they going to do that?". Live they were great! She has an incredible voice, and can do some very cool stuff with it. I was very impressed! And they seemed so blown away by the crowd. They've been "away" for so long, wasn't sure the people would remember, be interested. This was their second night on a month long US/Canada tour, and she said that the crowd's response meant more than we could know.

They thanked us so much for showing up. All I have to say back is... "Thank you.... Thank you very much" for coming and playing.