Monday, October 23, 2006

Fall Riding

Went for a short run yesterday. 70 miles. Out Woodmen to Judge Orr, then out to ... some road - south to Ellicot and then back on 94. It was cool out, but nice.

Today - 35 degrees coming into work. Hands were a bit cold by the time I got here (need some winter gloves - maybe heated), but everything else was fine. Its fun to get all bundled up and ride. :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Its how cold???

16 degrees outside right now.
Todays low 10 degrees.
Tomorrows 14 degrees.

Mainteance appt to drop the bike off at the dealership at 8:00 tomorrow morning.


Maybe I'll drop it off tonight before they close - assuming the roads are dry. Might be a little warmer then. And probably don't need to worry about picking up a loaner bike to ride to work...

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm sure I just don't understand the importance

Names changed to protect the innocent and to avoid people losing their jobs.

So this person I know works in a cube. Lets call him Jeff Sharkey. Now Jeff really loves sharks (probably because of his last name) and so he has shark pictures all over his cube and hanging from the ceiling, etc. He also is similar to me in that he has a lot of clutter in his cube. Jeff started called his cube the "Shark Pit" and so did everyone else. And because its just kind of a Geek/Jeff thing to do, Jeff flipped his nameplate (that sticks on the outside of his cube) around, and taped a piece of paper to it that says "Shark Pit". And then we would say stuff like, "Can you come over to the shark pit." Ha ha... yeah, sometimes it the small things that keep geeks sane. ;)

At the place that Jeff works there are cube police. (Yeah, if you read Dilbert you've seen them there before). So Jeff gets told by his cube neighbor "Hey, the cube police were by and wrote up a citation and left it on your desk." Jeff was like, "What did they write me up for now... The sharks hanging from the ceiling (everyone's first guess) or maybe all the clutter in the cube (the second guess)." Nope...

Jeff got written up because it is a security violation to have "Shark Pit" in his nameplate rather than his official name. Security left a citation, along with "If you have any quesitons give us a call." I think he had 24 hours to get this serious violation fixed. So he flipped his name plate around so that now it says "Jeff Sharkey"

Good thing they have people whose job it is to enforce these serious kinds of issues. Otherwise someone might have some fun and actually get some work done!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

O'Malley's Steak Pub

As noted yesterday, we stopped at O'Malley's Steak Pub in Palmer Lake. Here is the ChefMoz review.

Informal. Usually a number of Harley's out front, but also locals, fire-fighters, etc. You cook the meat: NY, Rib-eye, burger or chicken; yourself on their grill. Price is pretty good. 12oz NY for 10.99 - including salad bar (pretty simple - but it is all youc an eat) and fries or a baked. Not bad.

Try it again...

OK. Now that today is *actually* the 15th, and the sun is poking through the clouds with a forecast of no rain until early this evening... We are going to give the PPHOG Fall Poker Run another shot.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

System, method and computer program product for processing event records

Woo hoo, patent #4. I didn't even know we have filed a fourth one. I think that is all of them now. Guess its time to invent something else. ;)

Its those little details that count

So Tina and I get all geared up. Leathers, cold weather gear, the works. Put everything else in the side bags. Cap'n Jack is washed, oil checked, gased up, ready to go.

We leave the house about 9:15, and its a nice 15 minute ride down to CSHD. I'm almost sweating as we leave the house, but by the time we hit 50 on Powers, I'm glad I've got cold gear on and pull the neck wrap up over my mouth.

We get to CSHD just about 9:30, when registration starts... and notice there is *one* bike in the parking lot. Tina says, "Are you sure this is where they are having it? Doesn't look like enough bikes for a run." and then that little quite voice that has been buzzing in the back of my head makes itself a bit louder.

"Ah... *tomorrow* is the 15th, right?"

Hmm... I guess yesterday at work when I put a revision history in the code with 2006-10-13" and thought "How weird, how can today be the 13th when tomorrow is the 15th and the ride", I should have paid more attention. :-)

Oh well... no run, but we are all dressed up and on the bike. So its up to Grandmother's Kitchen in Woodland Park for breakfast, than out through the "burn" on 67 as far as we can go till the road is closed. Then back to town, stop at PPHD to look at clothes and get some oil, then up north and lunch at O'Malleys. Great steak that you cook yourself. I've only been inside once, and it was so smokey I never went back... but now that you can't smoke in bars... Someone said the food was good so we tried it out.

Came outside and it was just starting to sprinkle a little. Numerous bikers leaving and getting on their bikes and heading out. Got home with only a bit of sprinkles, gased the bike up, washed the windshield, checked the oil and its ready to ride tomorrow.

TOMORROW is the run - 85 miles or so - out toward Ellicot. So, if its not raining, and doesn't look like rain, it should be a good couple hour run. But today's ride was good to. If there is nothing organized going on, and if its not raining and we have the time off, we just make up our own run.

Need to do the Woodland Park, Deckers, Sedalia, Palmer Lake run next spring when the road is open (or later this year if the weather is good).

PPHOG Fall Poker Run

The Pikes Peak HOG Chapter has their Fall Poker Run today. This is our first HOG poker run. It starts at the CS store on Powers - no idea where it is going, or how long. First bike out at 10:00, last bike out at 11:00. Last bike in... when final sweep comes in. So no time.

The sun is starting to come out now, so it should be a pretty good day to ride. A bit cool, but hopefully a nice fall day. According to the forecast, no chance of rain till 9:00 tonight. :)

I've *heard* that the fall run in the past has gone up through Victory to see the colors. We'll see when we get to the dealership and sign up. And adventure. :)

I've also heard that for the HOG runs, they have a road captain, a wingman and a sweep. We'll see if they do that on their poker runs. Also, no HOG runs can have stops at bars. So - should be an interesting day all around. I think this is one of the last big organized runs of the year. After that there is a toy drive, but it is just here in town.

Well... Cap'n Jack is calling. Gotta ride.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Paul Graham on taste

From Taste for Makers by Paul Graham:

For those of us who design things, these are not just theoretical questions. If there is such a thing as beauty, we need to be able to recognize it. We need good taste to make good things.


If you mention taste nowadays, a lot of people will tell you that "taste is subjective." They believe this because it really feels that way to them.

Saying that taste is just personal preference is a good way to prevent disputes. The trouble is, it's not true. You feel this when you start to design things.

This is so true. Perhaps some people believe this because they have never done much design. So to them, it seems like a reasonable thing to say. The problem is when you have bosses that think that taste is subjective and make you prove why one design or process, etc. is better than another. We can spend so much time trying to prove something that those that have taste just KNOW to be true.

At any given time there are a few hot topics and a few groups doing great work on them, and it's nearly impossible to do good work yourself if you're too far removed from one of these centers.


As a practical matter, I think it's easier to see ugliness than to imagine beauty. Most of the people who've made beautiful things seem to have done it by fixing something that they thought ugly. Great work usually seems to happen because someone sees something and thinks, I could do better than that. ...

Intolerance for ugliness is not in itself enough. You have to understand a field well before you develop a good nose for what needs fixing. You have to do your homework. But as you become expert in a field, you'll start to hear little voices saying, What a hack! There must be a better way.

It starts to become a problem when you don't work with people with taste. With people that aren't great hackers, that don't get its the right thing because to some extent they think taste is subjective. It becomes very demotivating. Not only is it a constant fight, but as it says else where in this article, having good taste isn't enough. You have to work with other people with taste because then you draw off each-other. If you are the only person with taste, you run the risk of stagnation.

Oh well... its one of those weeks. Anyway, good article.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Googling for Code

You can now google for code.

Here is an article about it.

And another article that talks about hackers using it to find security holes.

Love the rumble

Tues it had snowed. Wed it was in the high 40s, but the roads were dry and it was sunny. I took the Harley to work. It was awesome. Crisp air, feeling the rumble, etc.

Sitting at a light, stereo going, bike rumbling.

Voice: I just had to roll my window down so I could listen to the rumble of the bike.
Me: I look around and notice the guy next to me has his window down and is talking to me. I laugh. Yeah
Guy: Yeah, I just love that sound.
Me: The Ultra's aren't as loud as most Harleys.
Guy: It still has that sound. The Japaneese have tried to copy it, but they can't. I used to have a Harley about 20 years ago, till my friend totaled it... Nice bike!
Me: Thanks

Light turns green and I drive off.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Raised over $200K

Michael just said he heard on the news that the ride rasied over $200K. Besides the registration donations, there were also T-shirt sales and other donations.

Very cool.

Patrick - does you email work?


I sent email to both you and Elizabeth, but didn't get anything back. Since I know you read my blog - I'll just post here. :)

Looked for you yesterday, but with 5K bikes or so, never did spot you. We were probably about 1/2 way back. We only hung out at the school in Bailey for 10 minutes or so, and then headed back down. Watched for you in all the bikes we passed, but didn't see you there either. We gotta hook up some time. Drop me a line so I know if you guys are getting my emails.

Choppers roar for slain teen

Article says there were over 5K bikes, I heard from the Highway Patrol that there were 7K. So, we raised somehwere between $125K and close to $200K. They said the money is going to go towards Emily's family and helping the 5 other girls that were there. This is just a start - a foundation to help with school violence.

Probably the biggest ride we've been in so far. It was pretty incredible with all the people on the sides of the roads, ribbions, signs, ballons. You could tell the little communities around Baily really appreciated it. The folks around town were great. We stopped at the Cutthroat Cafe on the way out for lunch. Turns out that was where Emily worked. The owner was there. We were going to sit outside but there was no shade, "I'll set an umbrella up for you guys if you want. Whatever you want. You guys rock." I think it really touched folks that 5K to 10K bikers came out to ride.

Pretty amazing that they put all this together in 10 days time. It wasn't super organized, but pretty good - and as far as I could tell, everyone kept in mind the reason we were there and were cool about things.

The news channel wanted to interview Tina, but she was too shy (WHAT?) - and said no. Turns out we later read something that said the family would appreciate if people did not do interviews, so it was probably for the best.

My prayers are with the family and those involved. Both here and around the country as there were three school violence incidents that week.

Friday, October 06, 2006


I saw on b-may's site a link to World66, so I checked it out. Registered and generated the following map:

No, these aren't the only states I've been to... But rather than "Here is everywhere I've been", I think I'm going to use it for "Here is everywhere I've been on the Harley." :) You can also fill in a world map... but since I've only been to the US on the bike, not much point. Maybe later. If I ever win the Lottery (which isn't likely since don't buy tickets - but you know what I mean), I'd love to ship the bike to Europe and ride around. Would be very cool. But I'll work on the US first... And maybe Canada. Well and maybe Mexico. We were very close to that on our last trip - if I had only known it would get me another big read country. ;)

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

Thursday, October 05, 2006

“Columbine to Canyon Ride” / “Emily’s Parade”

Doing a ride Saturday in memory of Emily Keyes. It will go from Columbine to Platt Canyon.

We were going to go up to Buena Vista on Friday night - but a friend of ours that rides told us about this and it seemed more important. Several of us our going. I hope there is a good turn out.

Donations can be made to the "Columbine to Canyon Account" at any "Bank of the West", and the “I love U guys” Emily Keyes Memorial Fund at Citywide Banks ( The "I love U guys" fund is named in memory of the last text message that Emily sent to her parents.

Event Filter

Email conversation...

Me: Here is a link to the HOG events
T: Why did you send that to me?
M: So you could see the upcoming events
T: Ok, but that is your job! I just say yes or no!

Ah... I'm the event filter... I didn't know that. ;)

Science and Space News

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Beaming people in "Star Trek" fashion is still in the realms of science fiction, but physicists in Denmark have teleported information from light to matter bringing quantum communication and computing closer to reality.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Short term memory loss

So if you've read the posts from a week or so ago, you know the trip down to AZ was not fun the first day. Seriously considered giving it up. Cold and rain. Not a fun combination on the bike.

So... yesterday, 20% chance of rain. Cloudy out. Take the bike or not? ... OF COURSE I take the bike. How can I not?

Leave work - it is raining - but not so bad that I gear up. I've got leathers - I should be fine...

Not a fun ride home. It is somewhat sleeting and in places the wind is really blowing. Going down one side road at 30 - the whole bike felt like it moved sideways 6 inches or so. Not swerved - just slide sideways. I took a long route home, because I didn't want to hit any big hills. Finally made it home, a bit stressed, a bit cold, and somewhat wet. So... the plan for the next day (which is today) is "Take the Jeep to work. Its not worth riding home in the rain."

So... I'm sitting here, looking out the front window at the sun beaming off the golden aspen leaves - checking the weather ... Hey... its only 30% chance. And the forecast says only a slight chance of rain. How bad could it be?

Yeah... I'll probably take the bike to work... But *maybe* this time I'll keep the radar up on my monitor and if it starts to look bad - head home. I think I'm at a state on the project where I can do that and work from home just fine. So maybe I'll be leaving today... or take the jeep... Yeah... the bike is probably going to win.

Monday, October 02, 2006

JoAnn's Ranch O Casados Restaurant

As I mentioned in a previous post, JoAnn's Ranch O Casados Restaurant was very good. They are right on 285, which is the main road from Santa Fe to Taos. So they aren't hard to find. Like I said, great chicken enchiladas. Get them with blue corn and covered in green chile. Some of the best green chile I've had. Not too hot, and very fresh tasting.

Back to work

Didn't do any work since Thur. Friday I logged on, but was doing trip stuff and didn't have time to do any work. This morning read through irc logs and past emails. Sigh... just normal work "stuff" going on. Some progress made while I was gone, but some things just kind of stood still. Well... a week of stuff to get caught up on, some install issues with the new kit to figure out and delegate/fix, and get started on a new release. Nothing like jumping back in with both feet.

Yeah... much rather be riding down the road on the Harley, stero blasting, bike rumbling, leaning back against Tina and just exploring the country side.

Oh well... bills to pay, responsibilities and all that... - but man the road calls to you...

1860 miles

Well, we are back. Friday we made it to Espanola, NM. We had planned on making it to Taos, but were too tired, plus it was starting to get dark. We left Holbrook plenty early, but headed SE down 180 (I think it was) and into the south entrance of the Petrified Forest National Park. This was a very cool ride. 28 miles through that and the painted desert. AZ has some spectacular country. The ranger at the gate drives a Harley, so gave us all the scoop on portions of the road to watch out for, etc. :)

Turns out that I-40 is a MUCH better drive than I-10, in terms of scenary. It was pretty for the most part. I-25 -> I-10 is probably faster, but coming through the Salt River Canyon, etc. was worth it, and then I-40 itself was nice too. Plus we picked up a little Indian jewelry. :)

Headed north out of Albqu. and ran into an accident. We were sitting on the road for probably an hour in stop-and-go traffic. Plenty of people jumping the median to head back to town and take a different road north (which we don't know - so we stayed on the highway). Finally after about an hour, 3 motorcycles went down the right shoulder in about a 10 minute period. I waited a few more minutes, then followed. If I would have done that in the first place, would have saved us an hour.

Got into Santa Fe, found the Harley shop and bought a few things and asked how long to Taos - an hour an a half or two. Yikes! Made it to Espanola and stopped for the night. Ate at Joanne's - which had "authentic" southwest food. Awesome blue corn enchilladas with local green chiles. Yum.

Next day I let Tina sleep in, and we headed out around 10:00. Made it to Taos... totally wasn't what I was expecting. I thought it was a mountain town, but it is in the foothills. No mountains roads in... and none out. I was told we'd go through some twisty roads, but nothing. Maybe if we had turned to Red River at Questa... but we weren't sure where that would come out. Or maybe if we had headed east out of Taos towards Raton. But we just went due north, which was pretty flat.

Hit the CO state line... and saw clouds and mountains with snow on them. Yup, out of the desert and back into the Rockies. But the clouds were sparse, and we were in foothills most of the way. East out of Fort Garland to Walsenburg. Last time: raining, hyper-planning, etc. This time: sunny and warm. MUCH NICER. :)

Stopped in Pueblo for a bite to eat and to stretch and then home.

1860 miles total. A great ride. I'd do it again next week if we could, it was so fun. And great time with Tif and Brian.

Definately our last "major ride" for this year - but we've got a few poker runs coming up, so I'm sure we'll get some short rides and some day trips in. When we left it felt like winter was around the corner. Coming home it was in the 80s and nice. We'll see what fall holds for us, in terms of riding!