Thursday, April 28, 2005

Military Photo album

Some cool military photos

Hard-Working Mars Rovers: On the Scent Of Science

Very cool. A nice up-close shot of the surface.

Top Thrill Dragster

420 feet and 120 MPH roller coaster. Yikes.

ABC News: Constantine Knocked Off 'American Idol'

"Abdul, who had been Maroulis' biggest supporter, was even shown crying, tears streaming down her face. She had earlier proclaimed him 'the one to beat.'"
And she's not the only one. Jaime was sobbing.

"I was stunned too. I thought he did pretty back last night, but I can't believe he got voted off. I thought he was going to at least make it into the final three....
Maroulis' exit came less than a week after Koch Records announced that the label would release his old band's pre-`Idol' album."
Well that's cool anyway.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pair float idea to send jobs offshore

Park a boat just off the shore and hire developer's to work "offshore". Hmm...

IM virus

There are some IM viruses going around right now. Don't have time to find actual links to articles... but if you are using IM or MS Messenger, and you get a message with a link "Hey check this out" or "rofl: is this you", etc. (I would avoid any links) - don't click on it.

The virus looks like it comes from someone you know, and if you click it then not only do you get the virus but it starts impersonating you to other people.

I have second-hand knowledge of this actually occuring (I only use irc so don't have this problem). Just passing this along because I know several of my readers us IM extensively - and hopefully my daughter reads this before infecting our home computer...)

Batching it

I'm home along, unless Jaimer comes over to hang out and watch TiVo. So... this means amoung other things that I'm not getting much sleep, and I'm eating whatever I want.

Last night it was "Philly Cheese Steak Saugsage Tacos". :) Yum.

And this morning I'm sitting in the living room, working, and Arthur is chatting up a storm. He cracks me up. Usually he just contact calls and says a few things... but he is talking non-stop. Most of it I can't understand. Kind of like having a little kid sitting in the room, talking away in a language you can't understand. But he did the clearest "Whatcha doing?" that I'ver heard so far. He is so cute. :)

And sometimes I'll say "What?" And he'll repeat the same phrase, like "duh... what did you think I said?" ;)

Ok.... back to work.

The Dark Side

Jumped into Tif's car to move it, since she isn't here right now, and her satellite radio starting blaring Country/Western music.

Its a sad day when you find out your child has gone to the dark side...

Hopefully it was just a glitch and it was supposed to be on a ROCK station.

Monday, April 25, 2005

C creator upbeat on its future | CNET

"C++ is bigger than ever," Stroustrup said. "There are more than 3 million C++ programmers. Everywhere I look there has been an uprising--more and more projects are using C++. A lot of teaching was going to Java, but more are teaching C++ again. There has been a backlash."

I'm a C++ developer, and proud of it. :)

Timeless Friends

I've send this before, but whenever it happens I mention it again.

In life you have a few friends that are just always there. You may not speak to them all the time (especially if you are like me, busy, caught up on things, not a great letter writer, etc.), but you know they are there. And every now and then you reach out, and you know they'll be there. Lunch, coffee, and email, whatever.

Some of them read your blog (if you are a blogger) and every now and then drop a "Hey, thinking of you, prayer for you", etc.

Its a very cool thing. I'm very glad I'm blessed with friends like that. (And thanks! You know who you are!)

Worship - Facedown

Worship practice the last few weeks have been awesome... I can't remember if I blogged some of this or not. Lately I've been thinking about blogging certain things but then never get around to it. I skimmed my last few posts and didn't see anything, so forgive me if I missed it. :)

Like I was saying, worship practice has been awesome. For one, its sooo cool to have Jaime on the team. We ride together and so its always cool to talk about on the way home. Because we've been having such great "presence of God" times of worship, its been cool to just talk about worship, free praise, what worship (in a musical sense) is, etc.

We've been working on Matt Redman's (I think) Facedown. An *awesome* soul wrenching (as Jaime would say) worship song. It just *grabs* you. We'll start working on it, and then its 45 minutes later, people have been in the presence of God, words have been giving, new songs have been sung. Its just what its all about. Those times just rock.

I love this quote from Jaime, "Its one of those songs that just causes you to immediately start worshipping. We'll start it and I'll be off worshipping and then Miss Teresa will stop the song to work on something and I'll be like, 'Oh yeah - we are practicing'". When you can go *there*, that quick, and forget where you are or what you are doing... Yeah, that's an awesome thing.

Anyway, with everything else that is going on in life, it has been an awesome time. And that is how it is supposed to be. Spending time with God and just worshipping him - that's where we are supposed to go when we have troubles or are down. That's what David was talking about when he was speaking of a refuge, shadow of his wing, secret place, etc.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Because that is who she is

So... haven't blogged much (any?) about this, because I don't like blogging about difficult things, but Tina has stepped down as Associate Pastor. Her last day was yesterday. Rough decision, lots of crying, stress, etc. - hard times once the decision was made, clearing out her office, etc. But it was all for the best. Had to set that context...

So, even though Tina is "no longer a pastor" - well she just is. This morning I heard her on the phone ministering to someone and I thought, "Hey... you don't do that any more." - some of the issue was boundries, working days off, etc.; so I'm protective of her still being in that role. Anyway, as I caught part of it I realized it was a relative - not someone from church.

Then I remembered something Tom and Jennifer have talked about before. Tina is a pastor because... she just is. That is who she is. It has nothing to do with job title, or stepping down, etc. Its who God made her to be and who she is. She's always ministered to her family, walked them through biblical issues, discussions, counseled, lent her wisdom to situations, etc. And the fact that she has "stepped down", isn't going to change any of that.

She won't have the stress, politics, etc. of it being "her job" - but its still her calling. And that's a cool thing - even if it is still 24 x 7.

Ted Nugent to Fellow NRAers; Get Hardcore

Ted would have fit will in the Wild West.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

CBS News | Live Leech Hid In Woman's Sinus | April 8, 2005 11:00:04

ok... that was really gross. - Weather Closings

Found this morning while trying to see if I could post a cancellation for the church - since it is blizzarding and church was closed. I couldn't, becuase you have to register ahead of time. But a very cool thing. I'm going to get the church to set it up then we can use it for cancellations and even announcements. If you've got an ogranization, try it out!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Oh My Gosh

Its 7AM, Tif and I are working on our computers... and "the kids" are all rambunctiously playing... Belle and Tink are playing, Belle whining and Tink growling, and now Belle is chewing on her squeaky toy, which is making noise. And Aurthur is in the other room imitating the microwave, so he is making a high picthed tone every minute or so.

Welcome to the menagerie - Belle and Tink are minature schnauzers and Aurther is a brown-headed poicephalus.