Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Love Wins - by Rob Bell

Rob Bell's book, Love Wins, is stirring things up. I heard about the controversy of the book before I ever heard about the book itself. "Wow - have you heard about this bad book"; or something like that. A week later my Pastor was discussing a number of books and held it up, "Here is a book everyone should read." (A little surprised to see him holding it up when I had jsut heard - "Make sure you don't read *that* book" - but given I trust him with my life; maybe something I should look into!) He posted his thoughts of it on FB,

I think every one of us at @[149977628397454:Castle Rock Bible Church] ought to read it, engage critical thinking, and dialogue about it. Remember- it is not the Bible. You won't lose your salvation.

And then a friend of his posted her thoughts on blogger.

I won't give a big review of it, its the middle of the night and I should be sleeping. lol. But I bought it, I read it in a few days, and I thought it was great. Is it all correct? I don't know... I don't really care. Like Pastor Mark said, I'm not going to lose my salvation over it... or even base my salvation on it. What I do know is that many things in it seem at odds with current "mainstream" Christian thinking... and resonate with me.

Life has never been about just "getting in". It's about thriving in God's good world. It's stillness, peace, and that feeling of your soul being at rest, while at the same time it's about asking things, learning things, creating things, and sharing it all with others who are finding the same kind of joy in the same good world.

Well said. I've *always* felt that. I've always thought/said, "It isn't about getting into Heaven! Yeah, that's cool and all - and a great side-effect. But what's it's really about is now." For me, following Christ brings with it the joy of entering into worship and having time cease to exist. Joining in with the angles and the believers and dancing before Him. And it brings with it the peace that, when I focus on it and let it wash over me, gets me through those days and times that I never thought I'd be able to face. Its feeling the presence of the Father, and knowing no matter *what* I do, feel or say; He loves me, is waiting for me, and takes joy in watching me dance before Him. And so much more... And that's so aptly stated in what Rob Bell said "Life has never been about just "getting in". It's about thriving in God's good world."

So yeah... is everything he said and feels spot on. No clue. That's not for me to know or judge. But I do know he totally gets God's love and what its all about "now". And because of that, its a book worth reading.