Monday, September 30, 2002

It looks like one of those weeks.
Weekend was great. Worship was great in Children's Church on Sunday. Cool thing. I'll post more on that in Fusion Worship when I get some time.
Aunt Dale was here and it was very cool to see her again. Talked about some of the cousins. I need to do some web-surfing and emailing and look them up.
Still fighting fires - in case I didn't make that clear last week, that means fighting problems at work. Not real fires, which could be easily confused here in CO this year!. Anyway, still having problems and getting further and further behind at work, and now looks like a busy week at church as well.
C'est la vie
FF:4 3-1!
Well it looks like I won this week, even with Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss doing so un-spectacular. Lukily the other team did even worse. Unless Clinton Portis manages to lose 9 points for me tonight, which is doubtful. So, 3-1. Not too bad!

Friday, September 27, 2002

Falling out of a moving car
From Sam's Friends post:
oh well, whatever doesn't kill us makes us...well..bleed and hurt like heck!!!
LOL :-)
"Early in the morning, I will celebrate the Light", God of Wonders, Mac Powell - City on a Hill
Went and saw Third Day last night. They did God of Wonders. It was very cool. A great concert. Great music, great Worship. Mac Powell is truly a great minister of the Gospel! Its one of the reasons I really like their concerts. Not just great music, but great worship as well.
Today is a great day.
5:30 - Alarm goes off, gotta get up and head to prayer. Fall back asleep instead.
6:46 - Roll over and look at the clock. Yikes!
7:07 - In the car and on the way
7:15 - Green lights most all the way! Cool. Get to ICC
7:17 - Join in prayer @ Doherty with 17 youth and Pastor Rick
7:34 - It was a great time of prayer. Those guys/girls are sooo cool. It was just great praying and celebrating God. Great Day - crisp air, cold hands, sun shinning. God is a great God.
7:45 - Heading to work, sun shinning off the top of the "shack" on the top of the peak. Light dusting of snow. God of Wonders. What a great place we live.
8:05 - Stop @ Starbucks for a Triple Venti Carmel Machianno (however you spell it).
8:10 @ work - start of a great day.
I just lift up a prayer for all our youth. May they have a great day at school, or whatever they are doing. Be strong for God and make a great difference. You guys ROCK.

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Third Day
Fire-fighting gives me many small amounts of time to post, when my brain is about to explode and I need to just stop thinking for a minute...
Anyway, Third Day's Come Together concert is tonight. That should be very cool. A chance to get away, go somewhere else, and really worship. Last time I saw them in concert, not only was it a great concert, but it was also a great time of worship. I'm really looking forward to it!
Fire Fighting
Wow... Tina's been asking me if I'm OK. Just a ton of stuff going on. Been fighting major fires @ work. That is cool, because it can be really fun to look into that kind of stuff... but man you just get really behind on your normal stuff. And then add in all the stuff going on in Fusion, etc., and it just adds up. And then Tina shooting herself with a staple gun. Just a plethora (for those that don't like the word "lots") of stuff going on right now. Really looking forward to Saturday. Mona Lisa's with Tina, Jaime and Nat should be fun.
FF - 3
So after two weeks I'm 2-0, and then this week I have the dismal score of 45 (compared to 113 and 108 the previous weeks). Something like that. Anyway, lost miserably and now am 2-1, along with about 4 other teams. Only 1 team at 3-0. I had a number of players on byes, so I'm dropping 2 RBs, 1WR and one other player I think. Anyway, hopefully the "new and improved" team will do better this week. I'm playing a 0-3 team... but with all the drop/adds allowed, it is kind of hard to tell for sure if that will matter.
Forgot to post that Tif & Brian were here this last weekend. Very cool. Was busy with work and church, but got to spend some good time with them. It was great seeing both of them again.
Which way is up?
Tina was helping Pastor Joe do some remodeling in the sanctuary yesterday and she went to staple some cloth to a wall, using an air staple gun. She had the gun backwards and shot herself with the gun, driving a 1.5 inch staple about an inch into her wrist. Lukily it didn't hit anything other than flesh, i.e., bone, blood vessels, etc. Sigh.

Monday, September 23, 2002

When was the last time it was this dry?
Since weather records only go back about a hundred years, these researchers in the university systems here have been studying tree rings to see when it's last been this dry in Colorado. Turns out this is the driest year since 1725.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Capturing the annointing
Tom asked me for any suggestions on capturing the annoiting on a recording. Its something we've talked about before. Your times of worship can be very annointed. You can feel that it is one of your greatest calls (more than the words/music sometimes). But how do you capture that? If that is the call, and all you end up with is a cd of songs, what was the point?
First of all, is it even possible? I think so. There are some great worship CDs out there where you can just feel it. I've had some great times of worship listening to Darrel Evans and most lately Third Day. The first time I heard Offerings, I could just feel it. So, it is possible, even without a live recording. And what Tom and I were talking about was a studio recording.
Not that I'm like the great experienced guy at this, as I've only done a full CD once, and helped out on a few before that... but I think the greatest thing is to just be real. I'm not sure you can engineer an annointing into a CD... most likely, lets hope not. After all, what we want is real, not manufactered. So, I think you have to have an annointed time of worship, and just happen to record it.
I guess one thing is, who is your target? If it is people who already know you, who think your music is annointed, who push into God's throne room when they come and see you... then what they want to hear is YOU. Listening to you play, as they've always heard you play, well bring back the feel and will help move them in. I believe one problem is when people try to get it too "right". They start worrying about the music and the recording, and forget about the WORSHIP! Then what you end up with is something that sounds pretty good, musically, and is engineered well, perhaps, but maybe has no soul.
So, get your stuff down, be prepared, pray it up, figure out what you want to do. Then just go in and WORSHIP God. Worship like you are doing a worship service, not like you are doing a practice, and hope that the medium captures the feeling. If your worship time doesn't feel annointed, most likely it isn't going to feel annointed when it is capture.
Maybe simple, but I'm pretty simple when it comes to worship. That's all I've got for now.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

OK... 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night is obviously not working. I've already drunk a liter of Mt Dew, and eaten all the rest of my Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, and I'm still not feeling very awake. (Note to self... never run out of Espresso Bean @ work. Always make sure there is a supply).
/me goes back to drinking more Mt Dew and continuing on with work.
Temps are dropping, and we are still getting rain every few days or so (yeah!). Driving in to work this morning I could see snow on the Peak. Finally! First time I've seen snow there in a while. Great view with all the clouds and stuff. Walking into work there was a bite in the air. Combine that with the snow and clouds, and it feels like Fall is in the air!
OK... so the second time I've messed up the link. Usually it isn't too bad, because you can always fix it. But the way the edit is set up on Blogger, if I hose the link, there is nothing I can do. I believe the problem is I forget to close the quote in the href. Anyway, trying again...

Created a blog for Fusion Worship I figured it would be good to have a separate blog for the youth worship team.
Fusion Worship
Created a blog for

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Sis is coming home!
Tif called today and Brian isn't flying this weekend, so they are coming to visit. Getting in tomorrow night. Very cool!
Just dashed off some mail to TommyT. I've really got to make the time and head up there to play with those guys. I need an intimate worship fix!
Well I thought it was funny - try 2
Store this ref from MightGirl's blog.
Ahtought this is a serious subject, I still thought the invite to the war on Iraq was funny.
That was messed up
I wrote the ref wrong for the previous post, and it totally hosed up the edit line, so now you can't follow the reference, and I can't edit it either. How weird!
Well I thought it was funny
Stole this from MightyGirl's blog.
Although this is a serious subject, I still thought the

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Brittany, who is going to college here in town and stays down here two nights a week, rather than driving home and having to get up really early for early classes, spent the night at our house last night. Very cool to see her again. What a great person!
I asked her about when Jon might be in town again and she said Thanksgiving (and we'll probably be in MI then) and then at Christmas. So, I'm going to get in touch with John L and see if maybe we can put a worship night together for late December. Might be hard because of all the people on vacation, etc., but it is the only time Jon will be home till next June.
"The Forge" worship team was so great to play with. Would be great if it could come together again and play for Fusion. Guess I just need to start praying!
Fantasy Football - Week 2
Not that anyone might care... but hey, this is my blog.
Week 2 and I'm still in first place in my division, and there are only two 2-0 teams in the league. And I listened to the NFL Guru's and benched a few players and activated others, and still won. One of the players I played based on their suggestions had almost no points, and I'm trying to drop him this week... well see.
Probably the last time I listen to them... at least until I start losing...

Monday, September 16, 2002

Its a beautiful thing
You just have to love computers. About two weeks ago the monitor for my SPARCstation began having a pink/purplish tint. Last week it got so bad I couldn't use it any longer. (Just way too hard on the eyes). I messed with the settings some and got it so I could read it, but it was looking like I was going to have to do all my Sun work on the PC - at least till I got the monitor replaced.
This morning I come in and the monitor is clear as ever.
Its a beautiful thing.
What's up with the lines on my page all of a sudden. I don't know. Maybe they'll disappear as suddenly as they appeared.
Helped my wife with her first baptism since she got ordained as a pastor in January of this year. She was very excited and honored to do such a thing. Plus she was very cute. :-)

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Baby Blogger
Kids do take after their parents... sometimes. My baby (ok... not a baby, buy always my baby) has read my blog and started her own
Being a Father-in-Law
Bryan: Hello.
Me: Bryan. Hi, this is James. James Wagner. Tiffany's dad.
Bryan: Hi, hows it going?

After the conversation Jaime says to me. "Ah dad. I think he knows who James Wagner is."
Yeah... But I still don't have this whole father-in-law thing down yet. I think next time I'll just open with "Hi. This is Tiffany's dad."
You know, there are some things they just don't teach you. :-}

Decided to change my template to FlameBreather. However, it wouldn't take. Help on Blogger said that you have to enter a post to get it to change, so using this post did indeed clear up the problem.
Other changes I made, because BlogSpot has a banner:

  • Changed the title :top to 100 to drop it into the flame and out from under the banner.

  • Changed description :top to 220, so it is under the flames, as in the sample.

  • Changed the Menu :top to 210 to drop it below the flames.

It finally rained in Colorado. With the rain came cooler temps, not that I'm complaining, because we really needed the rain. But this week, I did have to wear pants AND shoes for the first time in quite a few months. Drag.

Friday, September 13, 2002

Wow... starting a blog. Who would have thought? Much easier than I thought it would be.

I've been reading b-may for quite a while now and then read
Mighty Girl today. I've been thinking how cool is this!, and then today noticed the link to blogger and followed it. Sounded like it would be easy to set up, so here I am.

Not much of a writter, but I might as well give it a shot!