Friday, February 27, 2004

San Francisco Chronicle: Overseas listener on your call
Just because your call to a customer support center seems to end up here in the states, that doesn't mean it isn't being listened to by someone in India.

The biggest issue here seems to be that "confidential" info (such as ssn, etc.) may be getting recorded by someone in another country.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

WotD: chestering

chestering (v) : to leer at, bother, etc. a young woman.

Context: Missions training.

Girls, do not go off alone with Chester to minister to him.
Girls, do not go off with a "nice" guy, no matter how nice. He might be "Chester the Molester".

I'm about to drop Jaime off, there is a guy walking by.

J: "Don't drop me off till he walks by, I don't want him chestering me."

SpongeBob checks

For all you SpongeBob SquarePants fans... you can now get personalized checks.

If Morgan had a checking account I'm sure he'd be all over it!

The link showed me an ad for them... if you don't get it and are truely interested, I'm sure you can look around on their site.

The Cross

Vicky posted a quote by George MacLeod of Scotland (found the reference here).
"I simply argue that the cross should be raised at the center of the marketplace as well as on the steeple of the Church. I am recovering the claim that Jesus was not crucified in a cathedral between two candles, but on a cross between two thieves; on the town's garbage heap; at a crossroads so cosmopolitan they had to write His title in Hebrew, Latin, and the kind of place where cynics talk smut and thieves curse, and soldiers gamble. Because that is where He died, and that is what He died for, and that is what He died about...that is where churchmen ought to be and what churchmen ought to be about." -- George MacLeod of Scotland
Wow... something we should constantly remind ourselves of, as "churchmen", and something worth thinking about in the context of The Passion Of The Christ.

BTW: Looking the above quote up on google gives a number of hits. Not all of them reference George MacLeod as the author... But here is an article that seems to support it rather well.

You can't fake the system. ;-)

So after reading my entry on the gender genie, it appears that Michael is having an Identify Crisis. In order to help him out I figured I'd test that entry...

Sorry dude, it is getting worse: Female score: 792, Male score 168.

Of course it was only a sample of 145 words and "Note: The genie works best on texts of more than 500 words." - so maybe you need to post something longer.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Yankee or Dixie

Another quiz. I am 44% yankee. Results were kind of cool. I always though I was heavily influenced by CA (where I was born and raised), but it turns out there is quite a big of Great Lakes influence as well as some Northeast.
  1. Common throughout entire U.S., spoken by 75% of the population
  2. Most common around the Great Lakes and into the northeast U.S.
  3. Common throughout the entire United States
  4. Northeast United States and Great Lakes, and west Coast
  5. Most common to the Northeast United States
  6. Common nearly everywhere
  7. Common nearly everywhere ("you guys" favors northern)
  8. All of U.S.; southeast not favored
  9. Common throughout entire U.S.
  10. This is a universal generic term used nationwide
  11. All of the U.S. except the Northeast U.S.
  12. New England and western Great Lakes
  13. Favored in western Great Lakes region
  14. Used nationwide and in southern urban areas
  15. Common in Great Lakes area and Western U.S.
  16. Used heavily in Great Lakes west through northern states
  17. Used heavily in Great Lakes and Midwest region
  18. This is common throughout most of the U.S.
  19. Dont worry, this is a common response.
  20. Midwest U.S.

Cool. I write like a guy.

The gender genie took this blog entry of mine and gave it a score of: female = 204, male = 464. Woo hoo.... I write like a guy! :-)

Go try it out. You enter some text, mark it as fiction, non-fiction or blog entry and then gender genie will tell you if the author was male or female.

Just for the fun of it I tried it with several blog entries from other people:
  • Vicky - female - but her male score was pretty close
  • Michael - definately female (sorry about that)
  • Jaime - female score twice that of her male score
  • Erika - female

It WAS a violent death.

Vicky makes a great statement about the violence in The Passion of the Christ. I totally agree.

Word of the day

At times, Jaime and Erika can be quite flibbertigibbety.

I think this is where he lost it.

From Average Joe 2 - Larrisa's "hometown date" with Jim.

L: What is your favorite book?
J: blank stare. Book? Umm... I'm not sure.
L: Well what is the last book you read?
J: Ah... I really don't remember. I don't read books.

I think that was pretty much the icing on the cake that caused her to eliminate him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Wizard of Oz

Vicky had an interesting post about how
The Wizard of Oz is an allegory to a political movement of the times.

Learn something new every day!

The Squirrelly is here

DefectiveYeti's baby has been born. Cute pictures.

How bizzare that I've never met this person, only followed his blog, and yet I clicked on the link, saw the pictures coming up and thought Aww... he's been born. How cool is that. I'm always amazed at the sense of community one can develope electronically w/o every really meeting the others in person. British doctors revive maggot treatment

Hey... no surprise. God's way is the best way.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Is it who or whom?

On Erika's blog, Vicky gave an answer of whether to use who or whom (something I can never figure out):
Hey Erika I decided I'd answer the who/whom question for you. A good way to know which one works is to substitute who/whom for he/him or she/her in the sentence. If it's either he or she then it's who; if it's either him or her then it's whom. "Joyce is the girl who got the job." (She got the job). "She" works when subsituted so it's who since you wouldn't say "her got the job". "Mrs. Smith asked a psychologist whom she met in Florida." (She met "him" in FL). Also, use who when it's the subject of the sentence, and whom when it's the object. "Who is that guy driving?"--"who" is the subject; "The girls, two of whom are always late, were given detention"--"whom" is the object here. So that's it.
I figured it was definately worth posting - that way I can come back here when I'm having trouble remembering! Thanks Vicky!

A perfect description

Reading DefectiveYeti on Jaime's birthday and I come across the following Lost in Translation quote:
our life, as you know it ... is gone. Never to return. But they learn how to walk, and they learn how to talk ... and you want to be with them. And they turn out to be the most delightful people you will ever meet in your life.
Yup... that's her. One of the most delightful people I have ever met.

Hey... I worked on that! Area value firm flooded with calls for Oprah
Dialers thought they were voting in her show's 'Pop Star Challenge'.

Yeah... that happens a lot with AmericanIdol. Ryan Seacrest was just stressing that last week - "Don't dial 1-800-xxx-xxxx" it is an 866 number. Last week someone in MI got 2M calls!" Everyone laughed, but I bet he was serious.

and weirder

Why is it always when you get out of the shower, are dripping wet, and have blood running down your foot that you can't find a single band-aid in the house?

She's 17

My baby turns 17 today. How weird is that? Ok... so maybe it is going to be a weird day.

Love ya kid.

OK... that was weird

Sitting at my computer this morning, working. Look down at my hand and notice there is some dried blood on it. Hmm... wonder where that came from.... I look at my hand and it seems find. So I wipe it off.

A little later I'm sitting here, with my right leg crossed over my left, logging into a new window, and I reach down and rest my left hand on my ankle and feel something wet. Pulling it back I noticed it is all bloody. Hmm... guess that is where it came from.

Somehow I gashed my ankle and it has quite a bit of dried/half-dried blood on it. Not really sure how I did it, and it doesn't really hurt.

Hopefully this day doesn't get any weirder.

And then a little later I crossed my leg the other way (never realized how much I set cross legged in the morning) and rested my right hand on my leg and felt something... What the heck? There is a big splotch of dried-blood on my left leg which runs down it about an inch.

Ok... so I obviously gashed myself pretty good. Hopefully there isn't blood dripped through the house or something... Tina's gonna kill me. "Hey... how come there is blood trailed throughout the house?" "I cut my self but didn't notice."

How LAME is that?

Wednesday, February 18, 2004 AT & T Trips Up SCO

Interesting article on the SCO vs IBM war that includes an AT&T definition of their "derivative works" clause from 1985. Interesting for anyone doing open source, Linux, etc. work.

My next car

Here is my next car. It is a 4-turbo, 7-speed, 8-litre, 16-cylinder, 64-valve, 252mph supercar that can go 0 to 60 in 3 seconds. As soon as I save up the £680,000 it costs... its mine!

Saturday, February 14, 2004


Standing in the checkout line. Lady standing behind me talking to a child I can't see.

Honey, don't step on mommy.
Honey, don't do that.
Honey, now look what you've done, you've made a mess.
Honey, don't step on mommy with your shoes, you're getting mud on me.

Mother walks forward

Now precious, see you've got mommy all dirty.

I'm not sure I "precious" was the right word... For some reason parent's fail to realize that you can't always reason with a small child. They don't always have the social conscience to worry about approval, what is right and wrong, etc. Some times you have to just be the parent and just tell them what to do.

Styles of worship

Erika's post "Worship Styles--Including Guys Jumping Off Chairs" got me to thinking. I wrote a reply in FusionWorship. I believe it is important topic worth discussing... I may post more, plus I look forward to seeing if Erika, Jaime or Michael have anything more to say on the subject.

Valentine's Day

Not all is cheery in the land of teen Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 13, 2004

Why I spend so much time discussing "trivial" things.

One difference between designers and coders is that designers will discuss a trival matter for an hour... not because the matter at hand is that important... but because it represents a concept that is important and may come up over and over.


"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it every day." Noelle - age 7

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Are you a geek?

If you read this and crack up while reading it... then yeah, you are a geek. And more specifically probably a developer.

Most people probably won't get it... but having been through similar things, I thought it was a crack up... in a "man... hated it when it happened to me" kind of way.

Ice Sculptures and Geeks

Pictures from the 2004 Budweiser International Snow Sculpture Championships. And for those that are interested, an article on Most Ambitious winner, which was created by a team lead by a math professor.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

There is great hope.

I really need to get back to work... but I just read several of the teen posts. I may comment on them later, because they really are worth commenting on. But not enough time right now.

But basically what I wanted to say was:

After hearing Nichole speak on Sunday about being real with God and just being raw with him (wow... what an awesome way to put it) and then reading some posts by Pippin'sGirl, ArdentFueler and Is40Chick, I can say that my hope for the future has never been brighter. We have some an awesome group of youth and our church. And the thing that makes the future so bright (as a father and "pastor") is that our youth are GETTING IT. And they are getting it on their own terms and their own way. They aren't regurgitating what they've heard from some adult. They aren't worshipping God and building their relationships with Him based on our rules. Most of it I totally agree with, some I don't. But whether I agree or not isn't the important thing. The important thing is that they are figuring it out for themselves... And that gives me great hope that when they are out on their own that their own relationship with God will still be there. And that is just awesome.

Advice for expectant dads in the birthing room.

DefectiveYeti has a post about birthing films today. A large number of comments are advice from readers. Made me think of the advice I got from Millie in BigTimber MT when Tiffany was about to be born:

"If you start feeling faint, move out of the way and sit down. If you happen to faint and crack your head open... we're just going to let you lay there bleeding until the birth is over. It isn't about you."

I never actually felt faint, but I thought it the whole time.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Analogies, similes & metaphors found in high school essays

From These and others:
~ She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just before it throws up.

~ Even in his last years, Grandpappy had a mind like a steel trap, only one that had been left out so long, it had rusted shut.

Sometimes I feel like that last one...

Jaime update

Jaime is home from the doctor's office. Tina said that the actual surgery went really well (Jaime is very brave), but she almost fainted and almost threw up leaving the office. They had to stop a couple of times. Turns out she does have some of my genes.

She is home, in bed, watching TV and petting the puppy. Love you kid!

Free will

The brother of a person I know died in a car accident yesterday, leaving behind a wife and child. At times like these people tend to either reach out to God, or get mad at God. "Why did God do this?", or "Why did God let this happen?".

Unfortunately God is not in control of everything. Blasphemy? No. Truth. Many people believe that God is in control of everything. It helps keep them sane. Gives them comfort. The truth is, God is in control of what you let him control. That is how he set it up. We have free will. Us having free will (the will to make the choices we want to make) is at odds with God being in total control of everything.

Our relationship as parents with our children is analogous to God's relationship with us, to some degree. As our kids get older and older, they get more and more "free will". The ability to make their own choices. When they are very little, we don't let them leave the yard. No matter how much they want to. As they get older, they get the ability to go places, drive, etc. Now if we never let them out of the yard, they'd never get in trouble - or at least get in a lot less trouble. But they also would have no free will.

I have no clue how this person died, and this post really has nothing to do with that... other than it made me think about people's relationships with God and how people tend to blame God when bad things happen. Bad things happen because there is a devil who loves to see them happen, and because sometimes we as people just mess things up. But why would such a wise and loving God set up such a system? Why would he have given up such control? Why didn't He keep control and keep us safer? The same reason we let our children grow up and move out. Because we love them. Because we want them to love us (based on their own free-will choices) and we want to see them grow up to be loving, producing, awesome adults. We don't want slaves. And neither did God.

So... He loved us enough to trust we'd do the right thing the majority of the time, that we'd love Him back, and He gave us the ability to do that... or to mess up our lives and the lives of those around us. And most of the time we don't want to accept that and take responsibility. We want to blame Him. But His only fault in this is that He loved us enough to give us free will and be responsible for our own actions.

Isn't that cool?

Jaime is going in to get a couple of moles removed today from her back. Not a big "deal" surgically, but still, not a fun time. So she is a bit worried about it. We were talking about it last night:

J: Well the one good thing is that I'm going to be able to look at something that has been on my back for years.
M: What?
J: Well they are going to cut them off my back and then stick them in a bottle. I'll be able to look at them. Isn't that cool?!
M: Well it would probably make me throw up... but I guess that is why you are going into nursing and I'm not.

She definately gets that from Tina and not me.

Saturday, February 07, 2004

An example of what I do for work

As I've mentioned before, what I do for work is fairly uncomprehensible to most people. So... when I get a "real world example" I always like to share it.

Oprah's show on Monday is "Oprah's Pop Star Challenge with Simon Cowell" - Simon of American Idol fame. I don't have know all the details of the show... but it appears to be kind of like American Idol - with contestants and people calling 800 numbers to vote for their favorites.

Well, MCI is handling those calls (the traffic) and the system I work on is being used to help monitor some of that traffic. I won't bore you with the details... but our system will be receiving a record of every call made to those numbers and doing some analysis of them. (We aren't the system that is actually tallying the vote).

So hey... watch the show and call in. And my system will see your call. How cool is that? :-)

Trip report

Several of the previous posts are my trip report from the We Still Kiss cruise. Experiences, thoughts, revelations. I think that is about it. Other than I took quite a few pictures and will be posting some of them on my web site, with pointers to them here.

And there are several blogs I've read in the last week that I want to comment on, just haven't had the time yet. And since I've been blogging for about an hour, I probably should go do some other things that need getting done.

Hope you enjoy reading about the trip... and mostly I hope that some of the things make you stop and think and help you to grow in your walk (like it has hopefully helped me).

We are all in the same family

I'm done with the galley tour and Steve is upstairs in the Tahiti lounge doing Karaoke again. (There is a Karaoke spot in the talent show). I figure I'll see if it is still going on and give him some support. I head up the stairs, head down the hall way, and I start hearing what sounds like a bunch of people signing gospel songs. As I get closer to the lounge, I see this large group of people outside of the lounge, gathered around the piano. Steve and Lana are with them, and everyone is really going for it, singing hymns.

I ask what's up, and Steve says that this guy just started playing piano and people just started gathering around him. So I join in.

WOW. This was an awesome experience.

There are about 50 people gathered around the piano. The piano player is a black pastor who just sat down and started playing. The main guy leading us is a black guy with an incredible voice - maybe late 30's to mid 40's? I only mention they are black because sometimes... white guys just can't sing black gospel songs with *soul*. Don't give me your PC flames... you know its true. :-)

Anyway, this guy is leading us with HEART and PASSION. It was incredible. Here I am, on a cruise ship, standing outside a bar... and I'm worshipping God. I mean I can feel HIS presence and I'm entering in. If you aren't a Christian, this sounds like a lot of Christian lingo... Everything around you disappears, you aren't worried about what other people are thinking... I just kicked off my sandals, raised my hands, and went for it. It was awesome. And as it got closer for us to head for dinner (there are set dining times if you are eating in the restaurants) someone said, "We should get back together at 9:30 after dinner" and everyone agreed and we did.

One of the coolest things about it, to me, was the makeup of the people. Here is a group of about 50 people... Most of them older. They are singing songs most of which I've never heard. Yeah, I've heard Amazing Grace, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, and Battle Hymn of the Republic, but not many of the others. These are hymns. Not what I'm used to playing on a Sunday morning! And it was awesome. It didn't matter what songs we were singing. It didn't matter what church we went to, what denomination we were, what race, age or background. Our common bond was Christ and we were worshipping him and singing praises to him. It was just incredible.

And it made me think, just like it did when I was worshipping in Costa Rica. We are all one body, one church, the bride of Christ. And at times like this, it shows.

We hear a lot lately about reaching out to "the lost". About not judging them - "They are sinners... they sin." That Christ came for the sick, not the healthy. That is all good and important stuff. And I think we are learning and growing. But I think one area we still need to grow in is with each other. We ARE one body. We ARE one church. Yes, we have been hurt by each other. Yes, we have been hurt by the church. But we are still ALL God's children. There is so much tendency to judge other churches and Christians. To cut our old churches no slack because they have hurt us. To forgive the "sinner" but not our "brother" because - hey... they should know better. Get over it! We are all people. We all make mistakes. And we are all His children, trying to love Him the best way we know how, and walk our walk to the best of our abilities. Some in different ways, some through different methods. Feeling that you have found the "true" way, the "better" way isn't a bad thing... Just don't use it to look down on your brothers and sisters and make you think you are better than them. You aren't.

Something I need to remind myself of. Like they say, "I'm preaching to myself here." It is just so crystal clear in a situation like this. Yes... we are different... but are we all that different? No. We are all His children. And when we cut off all the junk and just focus on Him and worshipping Him, it becomes so apparent.

In Heaven there isn't going to be the "black gospel" group of people, and the "hymns" people and the "rock" people... there isn't going to be the "charismatic" and "baptist". There is just going to be "His kids" and we are all going to be joined together worshipping Him. When you experience that here on earth, it is a great reminder and so awesome.

Thanks Dad for bringing that together. I know you were looking down on it with such joy. And it brought us so much joy too. Love ya!

So... how's that working for ya?

Dr. Jim Richards, "One of our sayings we use quite a bit around the ministry and in counsoling is So... how's that working for ya?. A guy will come in and say, "My wife doesn't like sex. I opened the bible and showed her where it says "don't withhold yourselves from each other" and told her we are going to have sex and she is going to like it by GOD!" and I look at him and say, "So... how's that working for ya?"

We all cracked up. But it is so true.

"Why do people do something over and over that doesn't work for them, and insist that it is the way to solve the problem and continue to do it?"

If something isn't working... don't insist that it is the right thing to do. That you are right and it HAS to work. Find something that will work.

A great thing to keep in mind. Not only in relationships and ministry, but in every walk of life: in your job, school, etc.

If you are trying to accomplish something, and you aren't achieving the goal you desire, at some point you just need to stop and ask yourself, "So... how's that working for ya?". If it isn't working... maybe you need a different approach!

Seminar thought - its not about them, its about you

And on the other side... Point: Angel Curtis (Eastman's wife) was talking about how you can get so wrapped up in it being the other person's fault. They were going through a hard time and Jim came to counsel with them for a few days. He kept saying to her, "You aren't getting it. It isn't about Eastman. It's about you." and she kept saying, "NO. YOU AREN'T GETTING IT. IT IS ABOUT HIM". He did this. He did that. You don't understand. After a few days, it all of a sudden sunk in. "Oh... it isn't about him. It is about me." :-)

You can't always change the other person. The goal of a healthy, happy, marriage isn't to "train" or "mold" the other person until they are exactly what you want. Sometimes you have to look at yourself. Why do I respond to them that way? Do I have some issue that is making me feel this way? Is it fair for me to have this expectation, this desire, etc.

I'm not going to recap the seminar word for word, and I'm not a counsoler. But basically this point caused me to try and look at things in a new way. As I said, sometimes you just have to hear this stuff over and over before it sinks it. But what is starting to sink in is: look at my side, look at my responsibility, is there something I can do to change things.

Again, good stuff.

Seminar thought - its not about you.

Point: Sometimes our mate may say something to us in a really mean, angry, or hurtful way. The think to remember is that it isn't about us. Its not necessarily that they are so mad at us. It might just be their personality... how they handle things. It might be how they would speak to anyone they were mad at, had a confrontaion with, etc. What you have to do is listen to what is being said... not how it is said.

Realization: Good point. Sometimes (especially if you are a non-confrontational person like myself - and get easily lost in "how" something is said, rather than "what" is being said) we get all wrapped up in "that was mean", "you didn't say that every nicely" and miss the entire point. And sulk. Different people have different communication styles. If you can get past how something is being said, "They aren't being mean... at least in their mind. It isn't something personal against me. That is how they would say it to anyone", and concentrate on what is being said... you'll get further. You'll understand better and be able to better solve the siutation.

Also, a good thing for me to remember is that my wife is a pastor. That means she has to deal with people all day long... and depending on their personalities she has to treat them with kid gloves, walk on egg-shells, etc. In other words, worry about how she says something, as much as what she is saying. And the last thing she wants to do (or should have to do), when she gets home and something arises is have to go through the same thing with me. So she just lets me have it. ;-)

This isn't a whine. This isn't a "we argue all the time" (we rarely do). But I thought this was worth posting. Other people have spouse that are pastors, counsulers, etc. I thought it was a good revelation and something I took away from the cruise.

Get over yourself. Its not about you. Don't concentrate on how it was said and get all hurt over that... be mature and look into what is being said.

Good stuff.

We Still Kiss Seminar

The seminar part of the cruise was very good. There were some really good speakers. I always love hearing Dr. Jim Richards and Eastman Curtis. There were some others there as well that I'd never heard from before.

The thing that I've noticed before, and that really struck me again, is how wise Dr. Jim is. You sit there and listen and just realize how much wisdom he has. It is very cool. I also realized that, unlike most my college classes (or technical classes and seminars), I don't actually learn some logical fact, new way to do something, etc.; by hearing it and then thinking "Oh, that's how you do that". For instance, how to use a programming language, how to write a paper, use a tool, etc. This kind of teaching is different. It is something that causes a life change and a change to the heart. As such, it takes time to sink in. And some times it takes hearing it over and over.

That is why I like going to seminars with Jim Richards so much. Not because I can come home and say "Here are the 10 points to doing ...", but because it just keeps planting seeds. It just keeps putting something deep into my mind and heart that causing me to start looking at things and seeing things differently. It is an investment in myself and my relationship with not only my wife, but all those around me - in my family, work and minstry.

If you ever get a chance to hear Jim Richards speak, do it. And if possible, multiple times. Sometimes it takes a while for us to get it!

And Eastman was great as always. He is such a great speaker, so funny and entertaining to listen to... but not just that. He always has some great nuggets for you to pick up on and think about.

Cruise Food - gotta love the soup

The food on the cruise was the best food I've had on vacation. The place we've been going to in cancun lately is very good... but the cruise was even better.

The biggest surprise was the soup. I don't eat a lot of soup, and I pretty much only make creams soups, although I've been thinking I should branch out and try some others.

The menu on the cruise was different every night, and usually consisted of two or three soups. At least one hot and one cold. I love cold soups and "different" soups. I had one soup the first night and from then on had two with every meal. I had:
  • pumpkin soup - room temperature with some asia seasoning
  • chilled zuchinni in cream
  • chilled leeche cream
  • chilled strawberry cream with mint
  • wild mushroom
  • cream of broccilli and cheese

Argh... I knew I'd forget if I didn't write them down. Should have got a menu. If I remember more I'll add them.

Anyway, the chilled cream soups were excellent. Some very light and refreshing, some just a very cool combination of flavors - either from the main ingredient or from the spices they added. I looked forward every night to what new soup they'd have.

There was a galley tour the last day and I went on it. There was about a 20 minute talk ahead of time, and then we went through the kitchen. The actual tour was someone interesting... but I've seen big kitchens before and they weren't doing anything that interesting (prepping plates for dinner mostly). But the talk was cool. Learned that cruise ships have the highest health regulations and they are surprise inspected 3 or 4 times a year. Also that all the food comes out of the US and is very fresh.

Besides the normal reastaurants and the buffets, they have a little pizza kitchen where you can get a slice of pizza (or a whole one if you want). I grabbed some pizza a few times late at night. It was pretty good (nice cornmeal dusted crust), but not gourmet or super spectacular. Someone asked, "How many pizzas do you make on a cruise?" and the answer was: "Well this cruise is pretty much a vacation for the pizza cook. There are only about 100 under 20 year olds on this trip, so he has only made 2500. During spring break when almost everyone is under 20, he makes... 50,000."

50,000 pizza... for 1700 people on a 5 day trip. Wow. Thats almost 6 pizzas a day per person.

NOLA - the food was great, finding it was a different matter.

We went to Emril's restaurant NOLA on our return from the cruise. It was EXCELLENT. Wow... everything you'd expect from watching Emril cook on TV.

We had reservations, arrived on time and were seated within a few minutes. It ended up being about $40 a person, without alcohol or desert. We all have appetizers and two of us had salads. We didn't get desert (although they looked great) because: a) we had been eating all week like pigs, and b) we were stuffed from what we had already eaten.

I had a mussel appetizer that was great and then a duck, spinach and goat cheese salad and then swordfish. Quality of food, uniqueness of flavors, and presentation was great.

Yahoo maps had stated something like "we aren't exactly sure of the address, but it should be close to the red star". Yeah... right.

We got off the boat, picked up a rental car, and then headed into the French Quarter. We walked around, had some beniegs(sp?) and at about 12:00 figured we better head to NOLA for our 12:30 reservations. Lana navigated and Steve drove. Looking at the yahoo map along with a local map, Lana got us closer and closer to the red star... which took us out of the French quarter, and into a side of town that looked seeder and seeder. At one point we were like, "Are we lost" and right then, in the grass median were a series of signs:

- You aren't lost!
- Keep going!
- Look around!

and so on. Turns out we were in a part of town that was getting renovated. One side of the street is new and the other condemned. At point Lana reads off the address, which is on Saint James Street. Tina remarks "Isn't that in the French Quarter?". I look at the paper laying on the console, notice that it says "cross street Chartres". At that point we head back into the French Quarter, find the restaurant is about 2 blocks from where were parked about 25 minutes ago, and get to the restaurant right on time.

It was quite the adventure. A good laugh and we ended up on time.

So... if you look at the address, figure out the cross street, you'll have no problem finding it. If you go based on yahoo... forget it!

That's my baby brother

First of several trip reports from our vacation last week on the We Still Kiss cruise with Dr Jim Richards.

So one of the things there was to do on the cruise was Karoke. I've done this once before (as reported on this blog) and that was enough. Tina made that fairly clear. :-)

Anyway, we went up to check it out because Steve said, "Maybe I'll do it." He has a really good voice, and is quite the extravert, so we told him to go for it. But he was a bit nervous... never done it before, what if I don't know the song well enough, etc. So we are up there and several people are "performing". Most of them weren't very good but a few were ok. Pretty much the atmosphere is people drinking, having a good time, talking and whoever is signing has a few friends clapping for them, people laughing, etc.

So Steve finally decided to do it, submits his form (here is what song I want to sing, what CD track it is on, etc.) and they call him up. He is doing James Taylor's Fire and Rain. He gets half way into the second line and everyone stops talking and starts clapping. He did excellent. I was very proud! He sounded so great. (Hey... at least one of us can sing).

Given that great encouragement he ended up signing probably 5 songs about 7 times over the next few nights. It was great fun.

Friday, February 06, 2004

This is the title

Blogger supports titles... probably has for some time, but I just noticed it. I usually have to put the html around my title. This makes it a little easier because it is in my template. Plus if I ever change how I do my titles, it will automatically change. This is even more helpful with my recipe blog!
Is this how people really get elected?
A spoof (perhaps) by DefectiveYeti. Unfortunately (IMO), people probably really vote this way... but that just means you end up voting for who you *think* other people will elect... I'd perfer to just vote for who I want.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Slow cooker Pot Roast
Made slow cooker pot roast yesterday before work. Turned out really well. Give it a try!

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Freaks and Geeks
And in case any of you are Freaks and Geeks fans. They are releasing a DVD boxed set.
New recording studio software
Just saw a link to GarageBand. Looks interesting. A Mac is the recoding computer of choice... but I don't have one. I'll have to look into this more. Figured I'd post the link, cause I know there are some readers who are into recording.
Trying to get caught up
Back from a week off... so I've got two weeks of work to do. Just always seems like it takes a while to get caught up. I've got plenty of blog material (what with the trip, photos I took and some good blogs I've read recently)... but just no time to post. Maybe tomorrow.