Friday, March 25, 2005

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Quote of the day

Seen on a quotes on standards page:
If the idiots hate you, it proves you're not one of them! Ted Nugent

Yup... just one of those kind of days.

Quote of the day

Seen on a quotes on standards page:
If the idiots hate you, it proves you're not one of them! Ted Nugent

Yup... just one of those kind of days.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Food is good due to taste, not always because its fancy

Tina and Jaime were cracking up at me last night because I was going on and on about dinner. We had meatloaf. I love Tina's meatloaf. I mean, really love it.

They just thought it was funny because a few days ago I was eating baked Camembert(sp?) Cheese and Roasted Chilean Sea Bass, and now I'm going on and on about meatloaf.

Hey.. I don't care if its fancy or plain. I like what I life beacuase of ingredients, taste, texture, etc. And Tina's meatloaf just rocks my world. :)

Had it for dinner, sandwhich for breakfast, and am about to go make another for lunch. Yeah... its THAT good. :)

Love ya babe!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Catching up

So... as commented on numerous times on this blog, I have been very busy for quite some time now, and am just not blogging like I used to. Neither writting blogs nro reading blogs. And Mozilla/Blogger are acting a bit weird today. (Caching or something... not sure).

Anyway, took some time off from working to write a few blogs and then figured I'd go read a few. Clicked on my Links and they didn't expand. Kind of freaked me out for a second... but I know some of the urls by heart, so just went and read some. The result:
  • Something weird was up, because they are actually there... once I refreshed my page. But I should list them somewhere just in case they do go away some day,
  • And I realized how much I miss some people. And again it struck me how weird it is to miss someone I don't really know, but whose life I have shared by reading their blog. And even weirder, they aren't somebody who holds my own beliefs, values (perhaps), etc... but I still really like them. Kind of like family, long time friends or something. Maybe that's just me being intraverted. "Close" to someone I don't really know, and how doesn't know me at all.

Regardless, it was cool to get caught up... even if it was only partially and even if I had to cut it short and get back to work. Still cool and reminds me that I really need to do this more.

Is that pile of clothes talking to me?

I usually get up early in the morning and start working. My eyes aren't too focused yet... I think its part of having my eyes lasered. Sometimes it takes a while for my brain to interpret what my eyes are seeing. I just stumble down, log in (which takes a while do to whatever software they run on our laptops, plus bringing up VPN, etc.) and by then my eyes/brain is working and I check to see what has happened since the last time I was on.

Anyway, this morning I step out of our room and into the hall. Right across the hall is Jaime's bathroom. She has the door open and is working on her hair. There is a pile of clothes right outside her door which makes it kind of hard for me to step into the hall. I don't find this unusual, as a) she tends to pile things all over (something she gets from her dad... :) ), and b) she'll sometimes have stuff there she is taking downstairs.

I mumble good morning or something and start to walk when she says something back.

Jamie: [something that doesn't register with my brain]
Me: Huh?
Jaime: We are just talking about my curls

Now the thoughts start running through my head... "We?" and my mind does that thing where it can't make sense of things so it starts making up things... which are just as equally implausible...

"We?" - there are only the two of us standing there, so who is "We?"
a. Her and her curlying iron, which she is looking at... no, that doesn't make sense she wouldn't refer to her curlying iron in terms of "we".
b. Is she talking to Tif? No - because Tif isn't getting here till next week
And then all of a sudden I hear another voice, which kind of sounds like Jaime, but isn't... because her mouth isn't moving.

OK... so this is getting really weird now. Maybe it is Tif and I just don't see her, so I kind of peer into the bathroom and Jaime just gives me a weird look. No Tif... besides... SHE ISN'T HERE YET.

And then I kind of notice that the pile of clothes is looking up at me and talking. Which totally freaks me out for a second, and that is when my sleepy brain finally realizes that the "pile of clothes" is actually Erika propped up against the wall with a blanket wrapped around her.

Me: "Oh hey, I didn't see you there. Wondered who Jaime was talking too. Guess I'm still asleep."

And they both kind of laugh in that "Yeah dad" kind of way.

All that in about 5 seconds. Just kind of weird. But makes for good blogging... I think. :)

A different world

A number of homeless people hanging out along the 16th Street Mall in Denver. Not something we see that much where we live/work/play.

We were in Radio Shake looking for something and they had a boom box on display. I noticed it for some reason. We wandered around the store a bit and then headed out. I noticed there was a homeless guy in front of us walking along carrying what looked to be that exact boom box. All of a sudden one of the store workers briskly walks past us, walks up next to the guy, leans over to him as they are walking and says something like , "That's ours, you can't take it", takes it from him, turns around and heads back to the store. And he just keeps walking and steps up onto the bus and off they go.

Tina was like, "What just happened? Did he just take that from the store?"

Seemed like it was an every day kind of thing. No fuss. No calling the cops. Just go get it from the guy and return it. I don't think he was "stealing" it, I think it just looked cool so he picked it up.

And there was another guy sitting on the sidewalk, up against the building, just mumbling, "That's one crazy guy. Yup, one crazy guy."

Just stuff we don't see every day in our world.

Kicking back

Tina and I left for Denver on Friday around noon and returned home Sunday mid-afternoon. It was great. Steve and Lana had gotten us a one-night stay at the Brown Palace for our anniversary, back in Nov, and we had just now gotten around to using it. It was so fun that on Saturday morning we decided to stay another day!

It was a blast. The Brown Palace is downtown and just a block away from the 16th Street Mall. We were able to just hang out. Watched some movies in the room, went to see a movie, ate in some sidewalk cafes. Just relaxed. No phones (hardly), no work (except for me in the morning waiting for Tina to wake up... but that isn't streesful for me). Good food, good fun, great company. It was really needed.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bagels, Close Calls, God and Passion

A million thoughts, images, and voices running through my head, all in a short period of time.

Took Jaime to Panera again this morning. Heather wasn't there yet, so we decided to go in and get a bagel (Napolian Dynomite "Sweet!"). Since I was just "dropping her off", all I did was get up from my laptop, throw on some clothes and head out. So my hair is a terrible mess.

Me: "My hair looks terrible. I'll just through on my headband."
Jaime: (In her Paris Hilton voice) - "Come on gorgeous, you look great. Besides, when do you care about how you look?"
Me: "Contrary to popular opinion, I *do* care how I look. Its just how I think I look isn't how other people always think I look" - yeah... its rough being a fashion question, but somebody has to do it. ;)

Get the bagels, Heather arrvies, Jaime leaves, I head home. Crank up the stero (is there ANY other way to listen to music) and sitting at a long light singing at the top of my lungs, "My Glorious" by Delerious. Picking up some trash from the console and putting in into an empty cup when I notice a flash of light out of the side of my eye. And whoa... there is a car pointed right at me, about a 2 feet away. I was second in line, there is a small left turn lane medium next to me and this car was coming down the road, made the right hand turn, and since it was icy out and he was going to fast, just slide on an angle up onto the medium and stopped... about 2 feet from my door. Good thing the medium was there... and the angles. Yeah, "My Glorious" - He certainly is. Thanks God!

Light turns green, and I head off. Fast forward to Refugee... Song starts, music is pumping and Martin Smith says, "Come on"... Its not part of the song, he just says it in the intro. I can just see him in my mind... Flashes of Mac Powell from Third Day on the Live Wire DVD at the beginning of Come back to me where he is bouncing across the stage. And Nichole Rudder at youth worship. You can feel it. The presence of God is so strong, and the worship is so good... and you just have to MOVE... bounce, do something. Cuz if you don't your heart is just going to rip right out of your body and you are going to explode. So yeah, Martin Smith... Refugee is SUCH a cool song, so much passion, and he's got to be boucing... "Come on" - lets go... lets worship, lets do this thing.

Its a dangerous thing to listen to worship music when you are driving. It consumes you and you just want to go fast... and on icy roads that isn't always good. And I'm bouncing, and singing, and this car is going slow in front of me so I just have to slow down. Image of Jacque last Sunday, worshipping in her car on the way to work and signing at the top of her lungs - doing two 360s up onto the medium and almost flipping her car. But hey... some times you just have to worship... cause if you don't, well your just going to explode. :)

Passion... that's what worship is all about. That is why David danced. He just had too. And he got it. It wasn't about how he looked, it wasn't about what others thought. It was just him and God... in the midst of all those people. It was just the two of them, and he just had to.

I've walked down roads where the devils been
Where the kids have seen things they should never see
Where the ancient stone knows a deeper tale
About a bloody game they call the Holy War...
... that's where I wanna be

Heaven is my home...

Jesus won the war, but there are battles all the time. And for me worship is one of those battles. Not every one agrees. Is it a Love Song, or a battle? I don't know for sure... But its a place of passion... and its where I wanna be.

Well... time to fix a build, write some code, check on some process... back to the "real world" - the sometimes frusturating, often times lackluster, "real world" - how can people not be caught up in worship and passion... its so much more alive. So much more real than where we live every day. Yup... its "where I wanna be" - Worship Practice Wed night. Can't wait. Hopefully we'll get a chance to worship, and just not practice.

later... (goes off humming Refugee in his head... :))

Monday, March 14, 2005

Free WiFi - yeah, its cool

Got some snow today, which is normally pretty usual, but this year it isn't. I was standing at work today looking at the mountains all covered in snow. Pretty cool.

Anyway... because it snowed I had to drive Jaime to Panera Bread so that she could catch a ride with Heather. Tonight I'm leaving work, have logged out and am heading out of the building when Tina calls to say Jaime needs picked up at Panera. Great... I'm already heading home, so I don't want to go back to work, but by the time I get home, I'll just have to leave to come back. So... what to do for 20 minutes while I wait?

I decide to pick up some shampoo... and still have plenty of time. Hey... how about a Chai Tea Latte and some free WiFi. Yeah... very cool. :) So, instead of just sitting here hanging out, I'm actually blogging. For free... over a 11M connection. Cool stuff... Think I'll go fill out there "How was the service" survey. Maybe I'll win $25K !

Saturday, March 12, 2005 / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / Let's jolt the electric companies

I don't agree with a lot of the MA politics, at least when I lived there, but this sounds like a good idea. I think this is basically how things work in the Springs. - News - Man Dead On Futon For Nearly 10 Years Before Family Notices

You'd think they would have noticed... seeing he was in the family room.

Saturday, March 05, 2005


So its cool to watch your kids grow up.

Jaime is moving some of her things over to her new apartment today. I'm making breakfast for Tina and I, and Jaime is directing Michael and Zack on what to bring up from the basement and load into their trucks.

Brings back memories of Tina and I moving. In our first two years together, in Big Timber MT, we moved 12 times. "The gang" always helped us move. Guys coming over and loading stuff into trucks, girls moving it into the new house.

And now I'm watching it happen with my kid. Joking around, goofing, making dumb comments as they load stuff up. Its very cool seeing her become and adult and her own person, own friends, just... taking care of stuff.

And then "bye daddy" and their off to go move it into the new place. But she isn't actually moving for a few weeks. Tif left very fast when she moved out, although I did spend a day driving her to OK, which was cool. But I'm liking this slow transition, and just watching it all.

Saturday morning

Saturday morning thoughts:
  • Got to sleep in some!
  • Didn't do too much work, so cleaned up some email and posted some pics
  • Noticed that BlogThis has posted some "normal" postings to my pics blog. Need to watch that in the future
  • Jaime is moving some of her and Heather's stuff this morning. :(
  • But she'll be here for a few more weeks :)
  • Tif will be coming soon!
  • Thursday night coming home from practiced Jaime and I talked about how much we are alike as intraverts and cracked up. :)
  • Need to work on taxes today. :|
  • Got a little time to blog :)

Well that's my morning/thoughts in a nutshell... Should probably get around and get ready for the day.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yahoo! News - Greenspan Touts Idea of a Consumption Tax

'A simpler tax code would reduce the considerable resources devoted to complying with current tax laws, and the freed up resources could be used for more productive purposes,' Greespan said.

Yeah, that is why I'd be in favor of it. No more tax returns. Woo hoo... but then it goes on to say that getting a consumption only tax passed is probably not possible, so it would have to be a combination of both. And given that, I'm not sure of the point. May make things simplier at first, but if you still have an income tax, whose to say that over time it won't just grow back to what we have now...

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Yahoo! News - Qwest-MCI Merger May Cost 15,000 Jobs

Well that's a drag. For more than just this, I hope the deal with Verizon goes through, rather than with Qwest. No one that I know thinks the Qwest deal will be good for us. Its just not a good fit.

Self-righteousness and grace

Watching Andrew Wommack this morning while working from home. A great Andrew quote, "He'll eat your lunch and pop the bag." Made me laugh.

Anyway, great grace message. He was talking about self-righteousness and how you can't use that in your relationship with God... because it has nothing to do with what WE DO, it has to do with what Jesus did for us. In our own strength, we can never be righteousness enough.

HOWEVER (and this is the good part), He was also talking about how we have grace in our relationship with God. Sin is not the issue. God has already forgiven us. BUT... that isn't how we relate to other people. I can't walk into work and tell my boss, "Righteousness isn't an issue... I have grace and can do whatever I want. So... I won't be coming into work this week." That isn't exactly what he said, but along those lines. So many people have an issue with grace because they go to the extreme. But there are consequences... not in our relationship with God, but in our relationship with others. In how our co-workers look at us, collegues, family and friends, and those we go to church with.

Yes, sin is not an issue with God. Jesus already paid the price. And yes, what is a sin to another may not be a sin to me... But do I flaunt that? Do I "shove grace" in other people's faces? No. And Paul addressed that. Paul was *so* into grace, it was the foundation of everything he preached. And yet he said not to stumble your brother. That doesn't mean you do what everyone wants... but it means to use some common sense. So even though sin is not an issue with God... it is an issue with those around me. And to do what God asked me to do (to preach the gospel, to be a light), I have to have integrity, a good work ethic, treat others right, etc. Or I'll just be a person on the way to heaven, having a great relationship with God... and not making a bit of difference to anyone in the world. And that isn't what God wants.