Monday, October 31, 2005


Google Quote of the Day,
The keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities, Sophocles
Hmm... coming on the heels of my last post. Yeah... I know. Part of why I'm so upset, etc. is just myself. How I deal with things. How I hash them over and stew on them. Maybe I need to work on that...

What to do, what to do...

I've started a few entries with the following explanation, and here I go again... I used to blog about church stuff quite a bit - but I usually don't like to blog about things (especially personal things) when times are hard, I'm upset, etc. Too many people involved, too many people that might read by blog that are involved, etc. But every once in a while this is just my journal and I just have to get stuff out.

Last week, church was AWESOME. Practice was great, worship was great, the preaching was great. I was interested like I haven't been for a long time. Teresa always does a GREAT job at preaching. Always something from her heart, and from the Holy Spirit. Or so it appears to me. Of course, there was only like 1 person in church when we started worship, but that is pretty normal. Teresa just turned around towards us and said, "If it is just us and the sound team, and no one shows up, we're just going to worship God." In my opinion, that is how it always should be. We should worship God with all our might, regardless, and whoever else is there can follow along. That is how we lead the congregation into his throne room. But by 15 minutes or so into it (about 1/2 way) there were quite a few people. Anyway, it was just an awesome time. Jacque was over there rocking.

Jacque is a singer. She doesn't think she is all that great, and might not be. I don't know. But she is a worshipper. There are certain people you just connect with. The kind that worship like you do. I can still hear Di Stucki sing in some songs, and its been probably 8 or 9 years since I sung with her. But I would be worshipping and hear these angelic voices in my head and all of a sudden Di would start singing the same line. You just connect with some people. Jacque is like that with HOW she worships. She just rocks. You can tell what parts she feels are passionate and which are intimate, etc. Anyway, she was rocking and I always feed off of that.

And then Bobby was laying down some lines on his lead guitar, and he is so easy to follow. He'll just take it some place at times. Again, another person I can just worship with so easy. Plus I've watched him grow over the last... gee 4 or 5 years. From being this "kid" who wanted to play guitar, and knew how to some, to someone who lead the youth worship team, to an excellent lead guitar player on the adult team.

And then my baby was playing keys and singing (which is so awesome for me) and Michael was of course... well Michael - another person I can follow anywhere, and the rest of the team was all in sync. Steve with his "ad libs" which I can always hear in my head, even when he isn't there or the song is on the radio - and cause me to follow his voice, and everyone else. It was just awesome.

So last week was very good. The anticipation for this week was... hard. Pastor Joe had been in CA for a week, praying about what to do about the church. The church is getting smaller and smaller, and the finances are shrinking. There has been a feeling all summer that the church is going to close. Once Tina left I wasn't sure if I should stay or not. But I hate giving up and I'm extremely loyal to the worship team. So honestly, I've just been hanging in there, waiting to see if it will close - because then I won't have to make the decision to leave.

Jacque had quit at the office the week before last. Two Fridays ago was her last day, and that was hard. She felt in all good conscienceness that the church just couldn't afford her any longer, and she couldn't do it for free. So she had to quit. Pretty much some of the same things that Tina went through. I was wondering if she'd be back. Sometimes when you quit working in the office, you stop coming to church as well. But she was there the following Sunday (when things were so awesome) - so i was happy about that. And then I found out during the week that she and Spanky had left the church. That was her last Sunday. And I was pretty sad about that.

Worship team members come and go, its just part of being at Impact, which has a rather large turn-over rate. Larger than any church I've gone to before. You get used to it. All summer I've been worshipping every Sunday like it might be the last Sunday I worship with this team. Either because someone will leave, I'll leave, or the church will close. And all summer that has pretty much been how it has been. You come in one day and Teresa says "So and so has stepped down". And you know that you'll most likely never be part of a worship team with that person again, unless something really bizzare happens (and you end up at the same church), they come back, or most likely until you get to Heaven and you're playing together. (That is always my big "sliver lining" - "Well... some day I'll play with that person in Heaven. And then it will be awesome") So it was very sad.

So this Sunday I came into church and started setting up and looked over and knew I wouldn't see Jacque, and that saddened my Spirit. And then Rich (the lead sound tech) said, "You can set up closer to the drums because Bobby isn't going to be here today." I thought "great", sigh. I hate when Bobby ins't there. Oh well. So I started setting up and got all my stuff unloaded and Jaime came over and I said, "So Bobby isn't here today?", "Nope... And I doubt he'll be coming back. He was pretty upset." And I knew in my spirit that was true. Bobby is Jacque's son and because Jacque was so hurt, and upset, etc. when she quit - well Bobby probably is feeling bad for his mom (and whatever else might be going on) and so he probably quit too.

And it just hit me and I had to get out of there, so I had all my stuff unloaded and I always have to drive the Jeep around front. (We can't park in back of the school because it is a fire zone. There is only room in the back for the music trailer and Pastor Joe's car when he gets there). So I went out and got in the Jeep, drove it around front, and started crying. Its just so pointless. All the hurt people. All the people that tried so hard, that worked so hard, that gave their lives and finally just couldn't do it anymore. I called Tina and cried for a minute, then put on my happy face and went back into the church to finish setting up.

Practice was ok, other than the fact that I felt like Bobby might never be there again... but you never know. Maybe he was just taking the day off. Then it was time to start and Pastor Joe and Patti (his wife) were there. That is pretty extrodinary. Usually Pastor Joe doesn't show up until the worship service is about half or 2/3rds over. But he was there this morning. Something must be going on. Worship was pretty good - but there was a lot in the air.

Then Pastor Joe preached... Well really not so much preached, but just talked about where the church is. How things had been rough for so long: Teri leaving him, the church going through a split, people leaving, etc. Why he believes what he believes. He talked about how he has really hasn't been there for the church, for a long time. How if it hadn't been for Teresa and all her effort, the church would be gone. [Which is true... but it was Tina that held it together for 2 years - with help from Teresa and Jacque, and its Teresa - with help from Jacque that has been holding it together for the last 6 months. But the politically correct thing to do is just mention those who are present. To bring up people who are gone just makes people think about them, and that is a bad thing] So that upset me a bit that he didn't mention Tina - but hey, I didn't expect it.

He talked about how we in the American church are programmed to need a vision, but that isn't a new testament thing. That our vision is to do Christ's commission, and that is all we should need. So he isn't going to talk about a vision and a mission of the church to be "missions based" or "worship based" or whatever. We are a grace church and that is what we are. We don't need a vision.

He talked about how some pastor's like dealing with people's problems and fixing them; but that's not him. He hates people problems. He can't deal with them. He can't solve them. He is terrible as a counsoler. All he wants to do is teach and not deal with people problems. So if dealing with people problems is being a pastor, then he guesses he isn't a pastor.

He talked about he had wanted to give it all up. That he asked God to kill the church or let him kill it. But God told him to hang on. God let the church die, so that it could be reborn. "If a seed drops and lies on the ground, it just lays there. But if it dies, and is reborn, it bears fruit." God had to let the church die so it would bear fruit. This is a grace church, with a different ... (well not vision - because vision is an old testament thing - I forget the word used) whatever. We will teach grace, and things made get weird at times, but they'll be fun too.

God let the church get to the point it did because some people had to leave. People who had their own agendas. And now that they were gone, the church could be what God wanted it to be. [So Tina - who had cancer surgery on Tuesday morning and then came in Tuesday night to work with a speaker, did so because of an agenda. And Tina who had cancer surgery and came in that weekend, because Pastor Joe needed her to do something, did it because she had an agenda. Tina and Jacque, who with Teresa moved the entire office, mostly by themselves, and laid on the floor and cried because they were so exhaused, and so frusturated because Pastor Joe wouldn't come over and help move one box, and the furniture and boxes were so heavy for them, but they had to get moved in. And then when they did get moved in, when they thought and planned and figured out how to make the 3 offices work for the 7 people who needed to be in there; then Pastor Joe came in and said that Tina couldn't share the back office with him, but needed to move her stuff out, move the stuff out of the middle office, and she needed to take that office, because he needed the back one to himself - and then for the next 6 months he never set the office up. He never came in and actually used it as an office. After they all just submitted, sacrified their own time, their family time and worked so hard - because they believed in the dream of Impact - that was all because of their own agendas.] So you look at Tina, and Jaque, and Roger and Rachel, and all the others - and they all had their own agendas. They were in God's way, and now that they are gone, God can do with the church what he wants. Yeah, that ticked me off to no end. But maybe that isn't what he meant. That is always a good church spin/PoliticalCorrect thing to say - "The bad ones are gone and now God can do what he needs to." It gives the people hope and makes the feel better.

I'm a Pace (PDP test) and very loyal. And I'm a father with 2 girls. No boys. I'm it. The only man. I'm fiercly protective of my girls. And one of my girls was just attacked. In my younger days I've been known to "come out of my shell" (of being an introvert) and beat into someone for doing that. But I'm a Christian now, and that isn't very Christ like.

So - Pastor Joe has seen the light now. God is going to rebuild, and he is going to try and follow the spirit more. So maybe the church is going to turn around. But what does that mean?

The he said, "If you aren't having fun here, then I really suggest that you find another church where you can have fun. Because we can't rebuild and have people here who aren't having fun and who are bitter." Well, I'm certainly not having fun, and I am bitter. I've seen too much.

So I was angry anyway, and then after service when I was packing up (we had 5 minutes to pack up or pay extra fees because we only have the building till Noon and it was 11:55), Teresa walked up and told me that Bobby had stepped down from the team. And I just started shaking. Tina, Roger and Rachel, Tina Nance, Jacque and Spanky, and now Bobby. Yup, all people who were just here with their own agendas.

I was so mad I couldn't even eat or stay at home. I went home, unloaded my equipment, and went and saw Dreams. (Where I wanted to just reach around and tell the woman behind me to SHUT UP - but I figured partially it was just the mood I was in (yeah... ya think? ;)).

So - what to do. The choice seems clear. Pastor Joe said it. "If you aren't having fun, I suggest you go somewhere else, where you can have fun." - And I always have an open door to do ministry with the Tom and Jennifer. But it isn't that easy. I love the worship team. My baby is on the worship team. And she is growing every week. She looked like such the young woman yesterday. It saddened me that Tina doesn't get to see that. (Tina knows the church is hurting, and it just tears her up to come in and see the people). Do I want to miss that? Do I want to step down and not play with her every week? And I love Teresa and Greg. Teresa and I had a rough time at one point, but I know she is called to be a worship director. She flows in the spirit. She follows God during a service. I'm a rut person, I'm a loyal person, I'm a passionate and loving person. I don't want to lose playing on the team. Steve is there. Michael is there.

So - even though I'm not having fun, I have a lot to lose. And that is the boat most everyone who has left has been in. That was certainly the place Tina was at. But she just couldn't take it any longer. That is the place I believe Jacque was at.

And its not Pastor Joe's fault. He'll tell you straight out. He is who he is. He doesn't believe a church needs a vision. He doesn't believe a church needs elders and trustees. He isn't a good counsoler. He avoids dealing with people problems. He believes that church is a ministry from God - and that God is our loving Father who only wants good for us. If the ministry is hard - then you are doing it wrong. If the ministry takes too much time - then you are doing in wrong. So he is probably never going to be what Tina wanted from him. He is probably never going to be what other people want from him. He is never going to deal with people problems. He is never going to be a leader (either you know how to do ministry and its from God or you don't. He doesn't need to spend time showing you how to do that.). He is never going to be in the office 9 - 5. (If its hard or something you don't want to do - its not from God). And its unreasonable to put those expectations on him. We are all who we are. I was raised with a strong work ethic. I was raised that the man takes care of the family, no matter what. The family comes first, not the man. That isn't how Pastor Joe is - and it is unreasonable for me to expect him to be me. He isn't. (And he has strengths that I don't have).

So the question is - can I serve with that kind of teacher (because as he said, he isn't a pastor or a leader) as the head of my church? Is being on the worship team with Teresa, Greg, Steve, Domonic, Michael and my baby Jaime, worth it? Can I have a good heart, listen to God, worship Him, and get something out of the services. Or will I continue to be so mad, so frusturated and so hurt by all that the lack of leadership and effort has done to my wife, my friends, and to me?

I don't know. Pastor Joe says things are going to change. But what does that mean. It probably means things are somehow going to get better. But it doesn't mean he is going to change. He is who he says he is - and that is fine. But can I put up the good fight? Can I give up Thursday nights with Tina to practice. And then get up at 6:00 on Sunday so I can load my equipment for 30 minutes, go set up for 45, practice for an hour, so I can do worship in a church where the Pastor, the example to the people, usually blows off worship? But maybe that has changed. Maybe at the very least he has gotten a revelation that part of being a Pastor is at least showing up.

And all of this is not how it is supposed to be. Being a Christian and going to Church is not supposed to be about being angry, about leaving church shaking you are so mad. Can I put down this "ugliness" that is in me, stop talking to Tina about it and ripping open her wounds, and just let things be how they are, and go for just the worship.

I don't know. And after writing all of this... I still don't know. But I do think writing this has helped. I think it is causing something to happen in me.

Maybe it will be alright. Maybe things will change. Maybe things will get better. Maybe so much better that we'll all be happy and it will be a good place, and Tina will come back.

But it will still be sad regardless. There are people that have left - good people - people who did all that was within them to do - that will never be back. And that is sad. It is sad because it was a dream we all had. A dream we all fought for. A dream, in my opinon, that God had. And it will never come to pass. At least not with that exact set of people.

So - I'll just have to put my anger down, my hurt down, my offenses for other people, and talk to God about it. Really talk to him. And see what he wants me to do.

Thanks for listening. Most likely no one has read this far. Too depressing. Too "ugly". But hey... sometimes I just need to talk - and I'm too much of an intravert to do it in person.

The movie theater is NOT your personal therapist room

Yesterday was a hard day, more on that later, so I went to the movies, just to get away from it all. At first I thought about going to see some shoot 'em up, army, honor, loyalty type movie - but I couldn't really find anything that looked good that was playing at the time I got there. So I went to see Dreams (which was really good). Kurt Russel and Dakota Fanning, both of whom I like.

But when I first got there it was almost exclusivly parents with their pre-schoolers... "Uh oh, is this a little kids film?" (It is a family movie, but not just a little kid movie, again, I really liked it). But I decided to give it a shot and sat down.

Directly behind me I could hear two women talking. One rather loudly, the other mostly just agreeing, saying "Uh huh", etc. Basically one pouring out her story, and the other just agreeing. I felt for the woman, but come on... is the movie theater, with your (2 to 4 little kids - I didn't turn around and look) really the place to do this? Statements like the following:

Much talk about what sounds like foster kids - because she was discussing so many different ones. ADD and other problems, grades, their parents, etc.

Yeah, I told James he couldn't come up yet. He has to get his life in order. He comes up and says how much he missed David, but I think its just an excuse to have someone take care of him. James... one of her foster kids?

Yeah, he just lays around and watches the TV. I wished he'd do something around the house.OK... maybe her husband? But he sounds like one of the kids. Even though I wished she'd just be quite, I can't help but hear her - she is really loud

Yeah, I wish he'd just win his stupid lotto. Then we'd be all set. He could get a maid, so I wouldn't have to clean up after him. And if wasn't against the church rules, he could get a concubine too (laughs), then everything would be perfect. He wouldn't need anything from me, and we could just hang out together and have a good time. OH MY GOSH. Like I really want to know that much about your personal life

Then the previews start, and she is still talking... I'm HOPING she is going to be quite during the movie. She tells one of the little kids, "Now you are going to have to be quite, so people can hear the movie wants it starts" - A good sign.

The movie starts - the talking stops. I sigh with relief. Cause I'm about "this" close to going and getting a manager or saying something to her, and I'm usually too much of an intravert for that.

And then in one scene Dakota Fanning opens her bedroom window like she is going to sneak out. "Wow. That is so Jennifer", and she pulls open the window and climbs out onto the roof, "Yup, exactly like Jennifer", walks over the edge and jumps into a pile of leaves, "Exactly like Jennifer. When she's 17 that would be Jennifer." At this point I just want to turn around and say, "For the LOVE OF GOD, would you SHUT UP".

But I decide that wouldn't be very appropriate (but "For the LOVE OF GOD" makes me think of Nick Black, Tiffany and Lindsey, and that is cool - another story for another time), so I just sit there, and luckily I either got into the movie so much, or she didn't find anyting else to compare to her life, that I never heard her say much else.

I just don't GET people who are so wrapped up in themselves that they do this kind of thing in a movie theater FULL of people (there were familes who split up because they couldn't find 3 seats together - it was packed).

So for anyone out there who might read this and talk a lot in the theater... please keep it down, please stop once the movie starts, and PLEASE, PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD, don't talk about your personal life. The rest of us really aren't that interested and would rather not hear all about it.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Chili Rellano Casserole

After making my Chili Rellano Casserole today, I updated the recipe. Using a 9x13 pan, it works better with 2 layers and I had to cook it for an hour and a half to get it firm.

Tiffany called and asked a question about the recipe a week or so ago, so it was sounding good. I made it to freeze and have later, but I had to sample a piece of it now anyway. Yum! :)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Mrs. Fields Cookies & Cream Chiller

TheChiller E-mail Blender is pretty cool. Don't know that I'd ever actual use it, but it is cool to mess with. Its powered by Anagram Genius. The things you can find on the web... :)

Thursday, October 27, 2005


The bible says, Without vision, the people will perish. or something like that. I looked for it today but could not find it... so maybe that is a paraphrase. Anyway, I've heard plenty of sermons on it, so I'm sure it is there. ;)

I was thinking about vision this morning, particular in the context of organizations. Being where I am, at work, at church, etc.; its one of the things I do. Think about process stuff, how organizations work, etc. And this morning I was realizing how important vision is. That's not really a big revelation or anything, I mean there are plenty of books and topics on it. Plenty of speakers who will tell you how important it is. But regardless, not everyone gets it.

I've been in groups that have no vision other than to "keep getting work so we keep getting paid". An admirable goal, after all, that is why we work... but not very good as a vision. I'm in a group right now where the vision is much more than that. I don't know that the vision is written down or anything, but we take pride in what we do, feel that it makes a difference to the company (which is always a great thing) and do a good job for the customer. Our boss has always been good at looking for new work. We started with a generic system that could be used to detect fraud - seeing as our first customer was in the job of detecting fraud. Since then we've branched into many different areas: network management, network security, credit card fraud, etc. In one sense our system is a data reduction and correlation system, and we wrote it independent of the domain. Thus we can use it for all of the above. But many groups get stuck on "what we do is fraud", for instance. Our boss has always had the vision to see past that. Which is such a moral boost for architects and designers. I've been on other systems where "our system could do so much more if we could just get other types of customers" but the bosses have kept focused to just one customer. Our boss doesn't do that. He is always looking for new ways in which the system can be used. New uses to the business and company. That has kept us fresh over the years. I've been on this project for 10 years, and I'm still not bored... because what we do keeps changing. We keep finding new ways for it to be used, which presents new types of problems, requiring enhancements to the system, etc.

I wasn't so much thinking about the good aspects of this, this morning, as the bad. Thinking about an organization I know where there is no vision and very little leadership... and it made me realize how fortunate I am to be working in an organization where that its true.

People need a leader and they need a vision. Without out it, they "perish". - United States to Require RFID Chips in Passports

Big Brother type discussion. Will it be easy to scan the data (has to be within a few inches of a reader). Looks like it is more secure, but the controversy goes on.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Official Google Blog: The point of Google Print

Official Google Blog: The point of Google Print: "Imagine sitting at your computer and, in less than a second, searching the full text of every book ever written. Imagine an historian being able to instantly find every book that mentions the Battle of Algiers. Imagine a high school student in Bangladesh discovering an out-of-print author held only in a library in Ann Arbor. Imagine one giant electronic card catalog that makes all the world's books discoverable with just a few keystrokes by anyone, anywhere, anytime."
Wow - some cool stuff on the google blog site. This is my last post for today, go read them for yourself if you want to see more. As always, they are doing some cool stuff.

Official Google Blog: Supporting open source

A very cool things. First the Summer of Code and now they are contributing to other programs. Very cool to see industry and schools getting involved in Open Source.

Official Google Blog: Rumor of the day

Official Google Blog: Rumor of the day
You may have seen stories today reporting on a new product that we're testing, and speculating about our plans. Here's what's really going on. We are testing a new way for content owners to submit their content to Google
Cool. So I can submit my blog pages to google and have a better chance of them showing up on searches. :) ;)

Monday, October 24, 2005

development standards

Within our development team we have standards on how mail subjects should look when coding reviews, design reviews, etc are sent out. The standard is in place to insure that certain information is easily asertained from the subject. This is done because requiring that people open the mail to determine the information is too slow; given some of us can get up to 20 of these mails a day and have many outstanding during a particular point in time.

A personal pet peeve of mine is people that can't seem to format a timestamp correctly. There are many ways to represent time (2005-10-25, 25-Oct-2005, 10/25/05, etc.) - and pretty much any as good as any other (unless you have specicial requirements). The key is picking one and everyone using it. That way it is standard. It just gets me that some people can never quite figure it out. I mean, if your job is to write code - something that in general has to be very exact, and you can't even get a timestamp right... well...


Friday, October 21, 2005


fredoland contains link to the Flock download and is the author's (or main contributor, etc.) blog.

Advanced browser gives taste of Web 2.0: ZDNet Australia: News: Software

Talks about Flock. Looks interesting.

Father of Wiki Quits Microsoft; Moves to Open-Source Foundation

Ward Cunningham, one of Microsoft's high-profile hires, is leaving the Redmond software company to join the open-source tool group, The Eclipse Foundation

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The end of VCRs

Read the following on an email from TiVo.
Many manufacturers have halted production on VCRs forever! 2006 will be the last year for VHS movie releases.
Wow. I haden't even heard that. Not that it effects me much. We rarely use videotape or the VCR any more. We always rent DVDs and have quite a few - although we do still have some tapes so will keep our VCR. Also, I'm a big TiVo user, so now that we are into the normal fall season on TV, we don't even watch movies all that often.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005 - U.S. & World - Arkansas Woman Gives Birth to 16th Child - U.S. & World - Arkansas Woman Gives Birth to 16th Child: "Michelle Duggar (search) just delivered her 16th child, and she's already thinking about doing it again."

Internet crime shifts to Russia - Yahoo! News

Internet crime shifts to Russia - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Trafficking in stolen credit cards has largely shifted to Russian-language Web sites after an international crackdown sparked disarray among English-speaking scam artists, a U.S.
Secret Service official said on Wednesday."

More of the kind of stuff I deal with.

Friday, October 07, 2005

To Bike or Not To Bike

Been up for a few hours, reading email - I always have a ton of unread, and reading some blogs - waiting for the sun to come up. (BTW: My kid writes a great blog - I so enjoy reading it. What a young woman she is turning out to be!)

Anyway - the temp is dropping, but the cloud cover is disappating, and I think the wind is reducing. So colder, but less wind. Hmm...

Guess I'll jump in the shower, grab a lite breakfast and then head down to the bike rental place, getting a feel for the weather on the way. After all - it is my last day on the Island. I can always get warm on another day. It can't be as bad as standing on the side of the interstate in Montana all day flagging traffice and having your boss yell at you for getting in the truck to try and get warm because its like 0 degrees outside, you can see a car coming from a mile away and one passes by only every 10 minutes or so - so really, what does it hurt to sit in the truck watching in the rear view mirror when ITS ONLY 0 DEGREES OUTSIDE.

Hmm... that was a random thought. :) - Python vs. alligator in swamp - Oct 5, 2005 - Python vs. alligator in swamp - Oct 5, 2005: "A 13-foot Burmese python recently burst after it apparently tried to swallow a live, six-foot alligator whole, authorities said."

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mac Day 2 - yup, we are sooo on vacation

The plan - get up, eat breakfast, do the tour, check out the fort, go for a horse ride, then eat lunch and maybe go for a bike ride.

Actual - get up, lazy around, eat some breakfast, go for the tour, hang out at the fort awhile. Stop back at the room, go eat lunch (Patrick Sinclairs again! Rebuens, chowder, and Bass Ale - Tif - you were right. I did like it!). Bike ride? A little cold out, but sure, maybe. Walk two blocks to the bikes... nah, back to the room. Take a 2 hour nap. Get up at 4:45 - too late to do anything (bikes, horses, etc close at 5:00). Ok, hit a few shops, buy a Mac Island running jacket - I needed a new jacket, it was nice, and 20% off. Plus its from MI and the Island, so that is cool.

Go to the Villiage Inn (no - not the chain). Get Whitefish on a Maple Plank. Their speciality. Yum - very cool! First time I've had fish on a plank, although I've seen it popping up a lot lately on the cooking channel. Was very good, and would be so easy to do. I may try it at some point.

Have a few after dinner drinks, chat with some folks, then back to the room.

*Maybe* I'll get up early tomorrow before we head back and go for a ride, while Tina sleeps in. We have to check out at 11:00 - so we'll see. We are so on vacation and just having a lazy fun time. But if I came here much, I think I'd bring my own bike and explore. The Island is very big, has tons of trails, and would be so fun. But it was kind of cold and windy today - fine on the tour, but I'll have to see how it is in the morning before deciding if I want to go for an hour ride... I'm thinking yes right now - but we'll see.

Then back "home". We were thinking of going up to Canada or maybe across the UP for a bit... but we figure we'll get around, get some lunch, buy some fudge and then just head back. Lazy time for us. :)

WorshipJunky Photos - Mac Day 2

WorshipJunky Photos from day 2 on the Island. Mostly from out tour and pictures from the fort. This is where the War of 1812 started! Learned something new today - I didn't know that.

Looks like a good day

Cool and partially cloudy. 40% chance of rain, but by 11AM less chance of rain and only about 58% cloud cover. High around 60. We'll probably take a tour of the island this morning and then maybe once it looks a bit nicer go horseback riding or something.

Well... breakfast is done and time to get around - so I'll "see" the you later. Check my photo blog for more pictures later this afternoon or evening!

Weather Underground: Current Gaylord Nexrad Radar Mapbbbbb

Hmmm... early this morning I could just see the system that is to the island. But now I can see one that is heading across the top of the lower pennisula and looks like it is heading right for the island. But doesn't look too bad. Hopefully we won't get much rain. Still dark here. How weird. I'm use to it being light by this time of the day.

BTW: Not sure if the link above will show "current" or this point in time. Very cool though to click on "6" frames and Speed "fast" and watch the system move. Again - the internet is a cool thing.

Fudge on the Island

So the island is known for its fudge. Fudge shops on the Island are more plentiful than pizza shows in Marlboro MA. There is one every 3 or 4 stores. In fact, in a 1/2 mile strip (or shorter) one of the local fudge shops has 3 stores!

So we are walking down the street and this guy walks up to an Information Booth. Little booth with all kinds of pamphlets on things/sites to do/see on the island, and there a few ladies inside of it to help with guestions.

Guy: "Hey, is this an information booth?"
Lady: "Yes, how can I help you?"
Guy: "Could you possibly tell me where I might be able to buy some fudge?" innocent look on his face

And then he starts cracking up... Well it made Tina and I laugh. :)

Early morning comments

Yeah - I love WiFi. Sitting in my bed & breakfast room on the island, listing to the horses wake up, and doing some work, surfing, catching up on email, blogging. Its still dark out, but the island is starting to come to life, and I'm sitting here connected, because there is a wifi router 10 feet from me. Its a cool thing. Gotta love technology. :)

On a side note - stupid blogger comment spam. Yeah... like I'm going to follow a link on a "your blog is so cool - come look at mine" type comment. Sigh. I'm off to cleanup comment spam... well in a bit.

Internet Archive: Petabox

Just in case you need to store a petabyte (1 million gigabytes) of data. :)h

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

WorshipJunky Photos

Pictures from Mackinaw Island, MI. This is the final picture from day 1. Its at sunset looking towards the bridge. If you follow the "home" link, you'll be able to browse all 25 of them.

Monday, October 03, 2005 -- Scientists Discover 10th Planet's Moon

"Brown labeled the object a planet and nicknamed it Xena after the lead character in the former TV series ``Xena: Warrior Princess.'' The moon was nicknamed Gabrielle, after Xena's faithful traveling sidekick."

Geeks and SciFi movies. :)


Went and saw Serenity on Saturday. I enjoyed it. It was partially fun because the 3 people sitting next to me were hugh fans.

P1: How are you doing?
P2: Awesome, I'm seeing Serenity in 15 minutes

and comments like, "Oh my gosh, Joss Whedon is such a genius".

The movie was good. A must see for any Firefly fan, and should be enjoyable for any SciFi fan who hasn't seen Firefly as well. There were a few unexpected twists. Don't want to say too much more, as it might be a spoiler.

Bicycle sales boom in US amid rising gas prices - Yahoo! News

"More bicycles than cars have been sold in the United States over the past 12 months, with rising gas prices prompting commuters to opt for two wheels instead of four."

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Future Is Worth Fighting For

"There's no power in the 'verse that can stop me.", River - on last night's episode of Firefly.

Going to see Serentiy today. Can't wait. Should be very cool. :)