Friday, May 30, 2003

InfoWorld: Microsoft: Spam can be contained within two years
The amount of spam is still growing and Hamlin predicts as much as 65 percent of total e-mail next year could be spam. The cost to U.S. businesses to combat spam will double from the $9 billion spent in 2002, he predicted.
I bet that I'm already at 75% to 80% spam at work already! Clinton Wants Change in Presidential Term Limits
Yeah, like we'd vote him back in.

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Just a matter of time
I now have 16 entries in the Play For A Billion Dollars Sweepstakes! I'm not sure if I'll get the Billion, but I figure I'm good for at least one of the 12 Million Dollar prizes! ;-)
BTW: It took me about 2 weeks of trying off and on to realize that the first letter in the cap as a "M" not an "N". So... if you are getting invalid entries... try "M".
Cube-dwelling 101
Don't hold conferences outside your cube! It is very rude and annoying to those around you.
Background images
Ev had a post about squidfingers, so I checked it out. Grabbed a new background pattern for my homepage. There were some other darker ones that I thought were pretty cool... but they didn't work well for a background. At least not with the few minutes I had to play with it. Check it out, the patterns are free as long as you give credit (add a link to his site, etc.).

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Local Links
Friend asked for flight information from the Springs. That lead me to the following local links:
Erika is back. I knew this because the phone was glued to Jaime's ear. ;-)
I've been to Cancun four times, but Erika had some interesting observations, being a teenage girl. Things I've never encountered before.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

Ok... got the itinerary done, as well as some blogging on FusionWorship, and sent a long reply to a friend's email. I'm on the computer all the time, but there is a lot going on at work, I've got deliverables due, and I'm going on the trip in a month. So... in order to take two weeks off, I've got to get 3 weeks of extra work done before I go. At least it feels that way! :-) So, I don't spend much time doing "personal" stuff on the computer, even on the weekends. Usually I get up early (like today, at 5:30) and spend it working. But today personal stuff - as mentioned above. Probably because both Jaime and Michael, and maybe Erika, have been saying "When are you going to update the Fusion blog". Squeaky wheel and all that!

But it was fun!

I've got Monday off work, and then the next two weekends there is no Fusion. So... I'm doing my "spring yard work" stuff those weekends. We had a sprinkler guy come and do a "tune up" and replace some heads... so the lawn will get watered this year. A good thing in a drought. And the back "sand pit" needs some work. So I'll probably be digging and hauling and covering during my "time off". But it should be much better than it is now when I'm done. And we'll probably plant some new plants and flowers, so that will look cool!

And a final "what I've been doing lately note", from the work arena: Been using the Wiki A LOT. I've been using it for meeting minutes, agendas, design discussions and outcomes, design patterns, etc. I really like it as both a tool to use (generate information) and a tool for reading (looking the info up). If I had my own server, I'd probably set it up as a way to do home pages. It makes creation so easy, and the automated linking is great. We are using the MoinMoin wiki as our WikiClone. Its a great concept and a great tool!

Well... guess it is time to "get around" and then go order some cedar chips, planets, etc.

/me gets ready to go to Lowes, HomeDepot, etc.
Mission trip Itinerary
The itinerary for the mission trip I'll be going on this summer has been posed on the Fusion Worship - Costa Rica 2003 Home Page

Monday, May 19, 2003

InfoWorld: New Microsoft support worm very unhelpful

A new mass-mailing e-mail worm is spreading on the Internet, masking itself as a message from Microsoft's support organization. ...All messages containing the new virus purport to come from the same address:, according to alerts posted by a number of leading anti-virus software vendors.

Read the link for more info!

Friday, May 16, 2003

Jaime is going out to Erika's to spend the night because Erika is leaving for Cancun for a week, and What is Jaime going to do w/o being able to talk to Erika for a week! :)
Erika - We'll miss you during worship @ Fusion. Hope you have a GREAT time, it should be a blast. Hopefully we'll be taking Jaime there this fall.
Matrix - Reloaded
I'm going to see it tonight. 10:30, which is kind of late, but I wanted to see it tonight and all earlier shows are sold out. And for those die-hard fans, there is a Matrix phone!

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Monday, May 12, 2003  Qapla'! Hospital seeks Klingon speaker
Turns out that some mental patients only speak Klingon, so the hospital needs an interpreter!I've forwarded the link to some friends, just in case they are looking for work...

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Hopefully she washes her hands!
OK... this was just too good to pass up. From an irc post by a co-worker
So I'm in the cafeteria waiting my turn to order.  I end up ordering a Philly Cheese Steak and the lady behind me say's "hmmm that sounds good, I'll take one without any onions!"  She then begins making small talk about how bad onions are and to make sure the cook doesn't put any onions on her sandwich.  We end up getting our sandwiches at the same time and she notices an onion on hers!!!  So what does she do??  She picks it off and throws it on my sandwich!!

Monday, May 05, 2003

Dill pickle or sweet pickle?
A bit bizzare to bite into a dill pickle that you then realize has obviously been sitting in sweet pickle juice.
Because I try to stay on a low-carb diet, I have a hard time buying food in the cafe. Yeah, I could make my own lunch, but a) I'm too busy in the morning - working from home and then realizing "Hey, I should get to work", b) I'm too lazy, c) I like to buy food on the spur of the moment. So... I usually just "make my own meal." Get some meat, add stuff to it. There isn't a lot of ingredients to work with... but it can work. So... here is my latest craze, which seems to be pretty good.
Diced grilled chicken breast with onions, mushrooms, bacon bits and provalone cheese. Nuke for a minute to melt the cheese. Make a sauce with mayo and soy-sauce and lightly drizzel a little on the top.

USAToday: Resurer: Climber who amputated arm had no choice.
As b-may said... yup, we grow them tough in Colorado!
Not blogging as much as usual lately. Just a lot going on. Hot water heater went out Saturday, so we spent the night in a hotel, and then Steve came over and installed a new one on Sunday after church. Plus fixing a number of other small things around the house. Great when you have very little "fix it" abilities, and your brother is a wiz! :-)
Anyway... for those that worry when I'm not blogging.... that is what is going on.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

Just in time egg salad
So I ask the sandwhich lady if they have any tuna salad, "No." I look at the egg salad, which looks kind of un-salad like, and tell her I'll take egg salad then.
She get some salt and pepper, shakes a little in, grabs a spoon of mayo, and mixed up some egg salad in the corner of what I'm guessing is just a bunch of chopped eggs. She then puts that on my sandwhich.
Struke me as a little strange... but I guess I know what is in it and how long ago it was made!
ComputerWorld: Can Spam be Stopped?