Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Father of Wiki Speaks Out on Community and Collaborative Development

Essentially, agile programming is about getting developers to work together, he said.

'If you're a manager and you have 12 tasks and 12 people you are going to give each person a task,' Cunningham said. 'And you will tell them you want them to work together, but the message you send is not to work together.'

Moreover, Cunningham said among the benefits of agile development is 'the ability to track radically changing business needs.'

Also, the 'code base becomes a point of strength, not a burden to be ignored,' he said. 'We ask people to embrace the code and that creates a power in developers.'
I'm loving Agile/XP. Seems to be working for us.

Another byproduct of agile development is 'the members of an agile team become expert much faster than in traditional development,' because they take on different roles and work with different parts of the code, Cunningham said. 'It produces senior developers really quickly.'"

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