Sunday, June 25, 2006

Its time to get a Harley

Its not uncommon for someone to ask me, "Did you ride your bike in today?" or "Do you have a Harley?". So, after not having a bike for about 10 years, we've decided its about time. Tina and I have been talking about it, and we both think its a good time. Not just because it would be really fun to ride back and forth to work, and not just because it would save on gas (you have to save a LOT on gas to pay for a Harley), but because we BOTH think it would be fun. Since I started talking about it, Tina has gotten really excited about doing day or weekend trips, and maybe even taking it down to AZ to see Tif. So - its something we'd both enjoy, and would get us out of the house and town.

So - I may take a day off work this week and try a few out. Then maybe get one this weekend. I move kind of slow on big decisions like this, but we're already into summer and if I'm going to do it, the sooner the better. And we have been talking about it for a few weeks.

The only I'm thinking of getting is the Softail Heritage Classic. A little more expensive than a Road King, and the Road King has a *little* nicer ride when touring... but we both just think the Softail is a cooler looking bike.

I'm not sure how long it would take to order one, and they have some in stock. Not the cherry/black that I'd like - but the straight black is pretty cool too.

This picture of it is cool too. Looks like its on the shores of a lake in MI. That might be fun... A road trip to MI. :)


Patrick Sharp said...

Before you commit.. take a look at the VTX 1800S first.

My wife (Elizabeth) decided that it was time that I upgraded from my current bike (Harley/Buell) since it has been in the shop more than on the road.

I went ahead and took the plunge with Ruby (wife named). It's a VTX1300S, and whelp, I'm glad :)

I'll try and send you a link for your site. It's an awesome bike.. plenty of power and is waaay comfortable.

Patrick Sharp said...


Here be a picture of Ruby.

It's got the same "Retro" feel to it, but I have not "Blinged" it up yet.

Erika said...

That is awesome! I think it'd be very fitting for you, haha. My parents know quite a bit about Harleys, so if you have any questions, my mom is Love you guys!

James said...


Yeah, that's a nice look. I think I have my heart set on a Harley though... we'll see. I'm taking a few out for a ride today, and assuming that all goes well, Tina and I are probably going to do a road-trip on a rental this weekend. :)

Erika - I remember the bikes they both had. I'll drop her a line if I have any questions. Thanks!