Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Mt Lemmon

Yesterday we decided to do a "short" ride, rather than ride down to Nagolos, MX. We wanted to go up into the mountains, as it was in the 90s or so, pretty hot for us. Not that I'm complainig, because I'll take dry hot over cold rain any day!

So we got up and stopped for breakfast - although it was already 10:30 so it was really an early lunch. We had read up on Mt. Lemmon
25 miles and 6000 feet above Tucson, Arizona's desert floor you will find a completely different world. As you drive up the beautiful Catalina Highway, you travel through four completely different ecological strata. From stately saguaro cactus at the bottom, to the pine and aspen groves at the top, the drive is incredibly beautiful. Especially interesting along the way, are the many fascinating rock formations.
One of the phrases in the brochure was, "If you are afraid of heights, just make sure and look up and not down".

While we were eating we asked the waitress if she was from around here, and did she know how to get there. She did, and gave us directions (which turned out to be longer than we actually needed - there was a shorter way - but got us there none-the-less). Her biggest comment, other than how pretty it is, was how scared she was "Because its really high and there are places where you are looking straight down on both sides." and "I'd never go up it in a motorcyle." By this point Tina was having very strong second thoughts... but I said, "Hey, its AZ and we are from CO. How bad could it be?"


OK... So it was pretty bad I guess. Personally I'd ride up any paved mountain road on a motorcycle way before I'd do it in a car. The road looks so much bigger to a bike. :) Anyway, it was VERY cool. There were some pretty "on the edge of the mountain" roads, and a bridge or two across things, and one place where the road was on the ridge of the mountain top so there were drops on both sides. But all in all the road was very good and I never had any issues. It was very pretty, and because we were up so high the climate was much cooler ("Make sure and take sweaters, because its at least 25 degrees cooler up there.) So we did... but didn't need them because it got all the way down to a bone chilling 70 degress. ;) - Just right for us, apparently pretty cold to people use to 110 degrees. :)

If you ever get a chance, I'd say take the trip. Its pretty cool and a fun ride.

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