Monday, June 04, 2007

diver bomber

We always have birds that create nests in the bushes in the front yard. Usually it is one out by the sidewalk and mailbox, but as the bushes in front of the house get bigger, the birds are starting to nest there too.

Saturday I was mowing, and the mother actually started dive bombing me! This usually doesn't bother me too much, as they just kind of swoop once or twice and sit in the tree and yell. I get it. Just trying to protect the nest.

But Saturday this female really took it to extremes. She was dive bombing me over and over. One time she brushed my arm as she went by, and then another time I heard her coming (kind of a buzzing noise) and flew close enough I could feel the wind as she went by.

Sunday as I was washing the bike, she was on the garage roof yelling at me again, and dive bombed me a few times. Apparently she has decided that I am "the dreaded enemy" and must be constantly harassed, no matter where I am in the front yard, even if it isn't close to her nest. Tina just laughs and me and says "She doesn't understand: 'That's enough now!' or 'KNOCK IT OFF'". I thought about splashing her with the hose, but I get she is just being protective.

Although after Tina moved Jaime's car this morning, which requires walking up the driveway, she did say "That bird has GOT to go" and "If you go outside make sure and wear your helmet."

Should be interesting to see how things progress.


PeaMommy said...

See now, if you had a DOG you could take it out with you and it would probably keep the bird off. Or at least it would provide an additional target. ;)

James said...

Yeah - good point. Maybe I need to get a plastic snake or something and throw it near the bush to divert the birds attention...

wife said...

Last summer we heard a huge commotion out back and there were several birds chasing the dog around and around in the back yard. I had to go out with the broom to get them off of her. Birds can be so bad!! Can's wait for one to bomb Jaime. SHe is deathly afraid of birds!!!