Saturday, September 06, 2008

Day 12 - The guy on the Yamaha

So I'm coming out of the mountains and onto the Great Lake and there is this pull off. I pull over to get some pics. There is a Yamaha touring bike of some sort sitting there running, and a car. I park and walk over and to the edge to take some shots. There is this older (yeah - older than me) guy with a helmet on and a yellow snow/rain type jacket. Not a slicker but a jacket. Looked pretty warm. Anyway, turns out he is from VA and was out at CO last year. Been to Sturgis, etc. The other guy is a local and we chat for a little bit out the trip to Thunder Bay and how pretty it is here "best kept secret. The Caribbean of the north."

I head out and tell the Yamaha guy, "Safe Ride" or something like that and he says, "Ride Easy".

A little while later I stop for another pic, and he drives by. Then I stop for gas in Wawa - and he's gassing up too. As I go to pay I say, "See ya later down the road." He grins and heads out. Later I pass him and wave. Then I pull into Marathon, drive around, and then get gas - and he pulls in. "Not sure where I'm at or where I'm going" and he laughs.

So I keep running into him all day.

Then I get to Thunder Bay, have dinner, and as I'm leaving to come back to the hotel and waiting for traffic to clear, he drives by without his coat on. Must have stopped here as well.

That was the last I saw of him; just thought it was interesting how we kept passing each other and stopping at the same gas places. I guess not that surprising seeing as there aren't that many stations, etc - but it was still kind of cool. :)

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