Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Incredible Faithfulness of God

subtitle: I'm glad my plans & vision are not God's plans & vision for me!

So while this is a story I often tell, its one worth repeating...

This past week was a productive, but long week. Flew to Baltimore on Wed. Met all day in Baltimore on Thur then few to Indy, getting to the hotel at 1am; then meetings all day on Friday and flew home and back by midnight.

My alarm clock (my phone) automatically adjusted for DST, but somehow the alarm was set for 7:30 instead of 6:00. So I woke up late and was running late this morning. Still tired, rainy and blah out and running late. One of those "Man... I just don't *feel* like going to church, but I should." Had that feeling like worship was just going to be mellow... and well somewhat... mimicking my spirit/feeling I guess.

So I get to church about 15 minutes late and the worship team is already practicing. I walk in... and they are running through a song that I just really love. I'm immediately drawn in. Practice is great and we talk about some good things.

Then church starts and we start worship and its just *great*. Its passionate. His presence is there. It draws the passion out of me. I'm singing (with out a mic of course!) at the top of my lungs... doing my throaty growl voice... lol. Kind of Janice Joplin, Danny Wagner/Cosmo, mix of me back in the day singing American Band. I just want to burst out. Even when Adam brings the song down... the percussion just keeps going. It just feels right. God is so good. Awesome songs, awesome presence.

Anyway... a great morning of worship. And not at all what *I* was expecting, but totally what God knew was going to happen. I'm so glad he kicks my butt out of bed sometimes and says "Yes, you are going. Not get up there." Because He knows what is in store, even if I'm clueless. Thanks Father! I love you!

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