Sunday, July 09, 2006

And so it rains every day

Buy a motorcycle and it rains every day. :( - Oh well, the lawn is very green and I'm not having to water, which is saving some $$.

We have been able to ride it a bit. I took it to work on Friday and left a little early to beat the storms. Was still ok when I got home, so took Jaime for a ride. They got me a Harley "Ride" CD - which has some cool tunes on it, so that was very fun.

Then yesterday Tina and I took it out for an hour or so. Hit a few drizzles, but not bad. And we managed to miss some good rain storms, judging by all the water on the road. We were going to go do a rally with Patrick, but it was raining when we got up, and we just aren't into doing that kind of thing in the rain yet.

All it all its very fun, but just not the right weather right now. Hoping for some good weather next weekend, because Tina has off starting Thur afternoon and I might take Friday off - so we'd get a good 3 day weekend. Maybe go up to the mountains or something.


Patrick said...
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James said...


Yeah, you were right. Your comment did "break" my blog for some reason. No idea why. I have it in email though. In any case, I deleted it to see if that would "fix" my blog, and it did.

Maybe I'll post it as an entry later. :) Busy at work right now and it looks like the rain is clearing, so should head home soon.