Monday, July 17, 2006

Time for 1000 mile tune-up

First tune-up on the bike is 1000 miles - and we are at 997 right now. :)

Went up to Vail on Friday (going over 3 mountain passes), then round-trip to Grand Junction on Saturday, and then back from Vail on Sunday.

Grand Junction was very brown and HOT. It was 103 there. We *thought* about checking out the area, but by the time we got there we just went to GJHD, bought some shirts, and headed back to the cooler mountains.

It was a great trip. Stopped in Breck for lunch with the Ts and Jaime, then hung out with Becky and Rich on Saturday night. Ate at an AWESOME place. The Duck Confit was my favorite.

All the riding was great. No rain. Nice rides. And we found out we can do that much traveling and not get sore, still wake up the next day with a "lets go!" attitude, etc. Now have to start looking into Cody, WY and Tuscon, AZ for our next big trips. :)

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