Monday, July 09, 2007

Byron's Hot Dog Haus

When Tif was 17, we went on a mission trip with Pastor Mark to Chicago. While there we ate at Byron's Hot Dog Haus. Pastor Mark is out there now, and called me and I googled it, found it, and gave them directions (while they were looking at a map) so they could find it. So - they'll be eating a Chicago Dog there today. Very cool. :)

Byron's Hot Dog Haus
1017 W Irving Park Rd

Take the LSD north past Lincoln Park, turn West on Irving and its about 4 blocks down. If you hit two cemetaries, you've gone too far. On the corner of Irving and Sheridan. Sheridan is also one of the side streets for Wrigley, so its about 4 blocks north of there.

If I ever get back to Chicago, I *have* to eat there!

Technology is cool. :)

Love ya Pastor Mark. Hope the dogs are still as good as when we were there!


wife said...

Having TRUE friends like Pastor Mark and Miss Christie are so amazing. There is no price on memories like the ones with them. How cool that they could call and have you google a place in Chicago while they were there. How awesome that they love us, and we will be close for years to come.

PeaMommy said...

Or... when Tif was 17. But whatever! :) That trip was really awesome, great memories!

James said...

Wow - 17... Time flies. Doesn't seem like you were that old. OK... I'll edit and fix. :)

Marbs Pops said...

They were exactly what I remembered. You gave perfect directions. The "Parking in Rear" sign was the tip-off. It brought back great memories of being there with you and the young folks. Thanks. I love you friend.