Thursday, July 05, 2007

volcano cake

During the rally last week we were eating dinner with some friends in a nice place. Food and service was good and pretty fast. Then we asked for dessert. The Chocolate Volcano Cake looked pretty good. Something about flour-less cake, chocolate, ganache in the center, raspberry drizzle, etc. Yum.

We waited about 20 minutes.

"Do you know when our dessert will be here?"
"I'll check"... "We're very sorry, apparently the cook is having some issues. It should be out any minute now."

This went on for a while. Finally after about 40 minutes we said we're done, we're out of here, never mind. So they comped the appetizers and salad. The waiter told us:

"There is some process you have to go through to make a volcano cake and the cook has already blown up 6 of them trying to get it right."

Wow... who knew. Volcano cakes really erupt! :)

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