Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It Harkens

Trapped in the darkness
Cold, Claustrophobic
The fire dies
No hope for Spring
Winter never ends

Clouds break
Sun sparkles off ice encrusted snow
Harkening back to warmer days

Crisp mountain air
Crystals twinkling deep in rushing streams
Wild strawberries sweet to the taste
Wildflowers sweet to the senses
Marmots, mischievous eyes poking through long blades of grass
The Son beats down and warms the soul

Trapped in the darkness
Sparkling snow harkens
Promises that Spring will return
Its sweetness, warmth and mischief


PeaMommy said...

More poetry! You never cease to amaze me, dad. :) I love you!

The Sanctuary At Sudden Valley Ranch said...

Beautiful !!
Thanks for the trip.
I'm not suprised ;o)