Friday, February 10, 2006

Its been busy

Just a quick update on how things are going. I've been swamped with work lately. Was in DC the week before last, which was a really good trip. (Lots of good ethnic food and good work), then last week was the "ok... we're back now, lets get caught up" week. Tons of stuff going on at work, with possible new implementations (new projects), the possibility that I might be leading up something new, and just tons of new features being requested to go into things. Which is all good. Its nice when people want to use your stuff! So I've been coding, designing, consulting, attending many meetings, etc. Its been kind of crazy, but it goes in cycles like that.

So the weekends have pretty much been just vegging. Hoping this week to get up to NCF. Haven't been to church in... 4 weeks maybe? Didn't go the week before the trip, then of course during the trip, and now been back for a few weeks but just too much going on. Weird when you are involved in a service every week for years, and then not to go for a month. I'm starting to miss playing, but also just corporate worship in general.

Anyhow - for those that were wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth or something (other than the occasional posting to some article or something), that is what is going on with me. And things don't look like they'll be slowing down anytime soon. But hey... that's why God made me the type of person to get up at 4:00 in the morning and start working. :)


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