Monday, February 20, 2006

Worship - and Areosmith

So I'm watching the Areosmith You Gotta Move DVD, and various band members are talking at various times, and Steven Tyler is talking about being in the zone; and I realize that what he's talking about, that is close to what worship is like for me.

At one point (and I couldn't find it to quote it exactly) he was talking about being on stage and looking over at Joe Perry and just... seeing it on Joe's face. That he gets this look and Steven knows Joe is in the zone, and that its great. He also said he knows he was in the zone when the concert was over and he didn't even know time had passed. Thats the same for me. When you are worshipping and you look up and hours have passed, or the pastor is coming forward to do the sermon, or whatever, and you think "Wow... already. I thought we just started" and its been an hour, or two, or whatever... then you know you've been *there*.

Later Steven said the following:

... I read the review that "Whoops, Typlers back on drugs" or "That show was phenomenal." It doesn't matter. I know I was in the zone and I know I had a good time. And I think thats what transcends to the younger audience. Its very magical... when that happens. But I think all musicians live for it. And its very euphoric. And if those that get it play their cards right, they can ride that wave right into the shore; because the euphoric recall is life giving. Its happy, joyous and free. It transcends all bounderies. Its got no definition, yet it means everything. Its the greatest experience on earth. Its like watching your child be born. Its just something else.

That is so what worship is... only instead of just being an earthly thing, its a super-natural thing as well, because God is in the mix. It doesn't matter if people tell you that it was good or not. Because if you get it, if you were in the zone, if you were there; God was there. You could feel Him. You were speaking to Him and playing for Him - and He told you it was good. And it is very... magical for lack of a better term. Its super-natural. Its non-earthly.

And the euphoric recall is life giving; because He is life-giving. Once you've been there, its somewhere you want to go back to. Its something you live for. Feeling His presence that strong, and just playing for the joy of it - because He joys in it, and it makes Him, and you, happy.

"Its got no definition, yet it means everything." That is so it. It is so hard to explain to someone that hasn't been there. The cool thing, to me, is to hear people that do get it. And what's weird to me, is that the people that explain it best in public, aren't even Christians. Alex Van Halen, Steven Tyler. And yet, they've been somewhere that is a copy of "it". They've been in the secular zone... and being in worship is all that, and more. Because He is there.

Its weird the things that speak to me. That secular things speak to me louder than Christian things at times. But God speaks through all things...

As Steven said, "Its the greatest experience on earth. ... Its just something else."

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