Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Little Boys

Pulled into the garage last night and got off the bike - two little boys (5 and 7 maybe?) came sliding up into the driveway on their skateboards and popped them up, grabbing them, then stood looking at me.

Boy1: Hi
Me: Hello
B2: Hi!
M: Hi!
They look around for a second.
B2: My dad broke his arm on his motorcycle
M: Oh?
B2: But he can drive it really good now! and grins
M: That's good
first boy skates off - second boy looks around
B2: Is Darren still here? next door neighbor kid
M: No
B2: He moved?
M: Yeah
B2: Ok... and skates off

Hey... I'm going to have one of these pretty soon! :)

Pictures play through my head of pulling up to Tif's on the Harley and PeaBaby comes skating down the street on his skateboard yelling "PapaJames!" - Yeah... I'm all choked up now. This is going to be *so cool*!

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SW said...

You aren't the only one choked up ~
As I've said so often, you should be a writer ~ of plays maybe since you insert the action as well as everything else ... XO