Saturday, March 17, 2007


Works been really busy... from a "there is a lot going on" point of view, more than "there is a ton of work everyday" point of view. I guess - lots to think about / work on, vs tons of coding to do.

I'm kind of getting back to more of an architecture, take a bigger picture sort of role, and less of a day-to-day, down in the trenches, coding point of view. Which is cool, 'cuz I like the bigger picture better. But it was good to spend 18 months down in the trenches. Not that I've stopped coding, its just in this current spurt I can spend an hour a morning and some time here and there during the day coding, and still get done what I need to - and spend the rest of the time looking at ways to improve things, consulting with other folks etc.

Its an exciting time for us. We didn't do much new work for quite some time, and then in Oct 2005 we started a new implmentation using an Agile/XP approach. It was some cool new work. Got that up and running and kind of put it in maintenance mode and spread XP to a few more legacy teams. Then in Dec went and talked to some new customers and put up an intial stab at a new system in a week. That was very cool. A full system, taking data and displaying it to the users - in one week. Now working the second phase of that. And besides that we are in intial phases of another new implementation and then met yesterday to talk about a 3rd one. So - pretty much mainteance mode and improving existing systems for several years, and now a new system 18 months ago and then 3 more this month. And we are hiring again.

We are now considered one of the top 100 critical projects in all of IT. So the execs know about us and talk about us. Lets us do some cool stuff - but with the spotlight can come the pressure. But all good things.

So anyway, work is exciting and keeping me plenty busy.

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