Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rarely is doing the wrong thing, the right thing to do

Living mostly in a technical world (as a Software Architect), and having a certain amount of control; I can almost always do "the right thing". And even when I have to maybe let something go because it isn't pure or perfect, I have a good enough reason for doing so. But it is vary rare.

I don't get the management philosophy that doing the wrong technical thing, is the right thing to do, because it appeases more people. "We know that is the right thing. And you know that is the right thing. But some people are having issues with pursuing that course... so tell them their way is right. Even though all the senior level people know it is wrong. It will make them feel better." And then there are the explanations about how polictically or feel-good or group-dynamic wise - it is right, even though it is wrong. I just don't get it or buy it. I think that just promotes people continuing to do the wrong thing, and not learning.

But what do I know... I'm not in management. And part of me hopes I never get pointy-haired enough where I understand it either...

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