Monday, August 22, 2005

Scenes from a rain storm

Driving home the other day, the rain is POURING down.

  • Man bent over on his bike, pedaling for all he is worth, trying not to get blown over. - reminds me of Tif getting swept off her bike in a storm.
  • Man waiting for the bus, hair slicked to his head, water pouring off his clothes, looking up the street with a "I just know its going to be late" forlorn look on his face
  • Pulling up to the stop light, Teen jumps out of his Jeep, no shirt, and quickly tries to get his top on before the light changes
  • flashing lights, sprinkles of broken tail/head lights everywhere, watch out for the wreak - and then a boom of thunder that makes you almost jump out of your skin - as the entire scene is highlighted by the lightening. Sigh of relief as it fades into the background, having made it past another wreak in this weather.
  • Double rainbow - for every bad thing, there is a good thing
  • Looking over at the empty seat, where my jacket laid for a week, but then I'm finally took it into the house becase, hey... who knows when it will rain again. Sigh

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