Wednesday, August 02, 2006

corporate vs startup

A while back I was talking to Tif on the phone and she said "You haven't updated your blog in a while". Turns out she reads it regularly to see what is going on in my life. So... figured I would start updating it more - even if it isn't that relative to anyone but me. :)

Went to an internal customer site last week. Not an external customer, but a group who we build tools for. Jack was leaving the company and he was our main interface, so we needed to go meet his replacement, talk about future work, etc.

It was such a drag. Jack, and his team, have requested some really cool stuff from us, and its made the job really interesting lately. Given I helped start Sheriff, and its been 10 years, things can get stale after a bit. But here was someone who really got it, had a clue, etc. A real "hacker" - given Paul Graham's definitionl. And has he said, great hackers like to work with other great hackers. Although I'm not sure I'm a "great hacker" - I'm pretty good and really enjoyed working with Jack.

But Jack came out of a startup where they could do what it took to get the job done, and worked with other folks with a clue. Now they've been swallowed up by the "big corporation." That has its advantages and disadvantages, but in this case it seems the disadvantages were too much and so he is going elsewhere.

Just a drag. We lost a great guy. Had me upset for a number of days, and I'm talking to my boss about it etc. See if things can be improved in general - but meanwhile, have schedules to make, things to do, etc. so life goes on.

So - thats one aspect of work lately... speaking of which, I guess I should get to work. So - more on how work is going later.

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