Saturday, August 12, 2006


And yes, like many HOGs we don't ride with helmets most of the time. But we take them with us, just in case we hit weather or something.

So, when we hit rain today, we pulled off and "geared up". But since it looked blue ahead, and since the rain wasn't coming down *that* hard, and since my rain coat has a hood... I just went with that.

Yes, rain at 60MPH, even if it is coming down "not *that* hard" still hurts! Note to self... next time, put on the helmet.

Good thing though, I did wear the hood and found out that it really is good for keeping the water from running down my back (duh) which is very nice. So next time, put the hood on, but then put the helmet over it.

Oh... and turns out, once you buy a helmet, you can't return it; which we knew. But might was fitted pretty tight... and turns out too tight. So... $275 for a helmet, kind of wasted unless I can mess with it some. It fits tight, which is good, but after I get my com stuff (mike and headphones) on, and a dew-rag or hood from a rain suit - it is just WAY to tight and not comfortable - which is one reason I don't wear it. Better to spend the $$$ to get one that fits right, then to have it uncomfortable and not wear it. So - guess I'll be messing with it this week to see what I can do, and if I can't do much, will have to order a bigger one... Although I would have *thought* that XXL would have been big enough. Looks like I might have to go for a 4x. :0

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