Saturday, August 12, 2006

Good intentions and all that...

I will seriously try and get some pictures posted. :) - Yeah, I keep saying that - and it only takes 10 minutes or so... but I'm just a "I'll do it later" kind of guy.

But just to keep folks up-to-date...

We did go to the sand dunes last weekend. It was a great trip OUT, not so much fun BACK - although it was an adventure. Tina had never seen them, so that was very cool. We only spent a few minutes there... On the way there we saw clouds in the sky ahead of us. "Should we turn back", she asks. "Of course not", I reply. Hey, who knows, maybe we'll miss the rain. So we went, and it was cool. Then on into Alamosa for a late lunch. This was about 2:00. We were stopping at every little town to take a picture by their town sign, for the "2006 ABC Rally". Where we get pins/patches/etc. if we send in pictures of us in different towns/states/counties that start with different letters. Anyhow... so we stopped in Alamosa at a pub for lunch - where we ran into 4 other bikers who were going on a big ride.

Heading back towards the mountains and the pass that gets us from the Alamosa side of the mountains to "our" side of the mountains, we saw rain. So we put on our gear and road on. A detailed story for another time, but just picture us coming down out of the mountains, on a long road, hard rain, much water, hypergliding at the bottom of toward the guard-rail and me yelling "TURN!" at the bike (yes, I talk to the bike) and finally sticking my foot out as we slowed down from 60 to about 30, catching the pavement enough to get the bike to grab, and then going merrily on our way. Yeah, it was an adventure! :)

Pretty much every time we've ridden since then we have hit rain. Both yesterday on our way up to Jaime's office, and then today coming back down "the pass" - from Woodland Park to home. We did a quick ride up to Cripple Creek just to see what it was like on the bike.

Next weekend - POW/MIA ride from PPHD (our Harley Dealer) up to Woodland Park, and then on into Cripple Creek. We'll go up to Woodland in groups of about 20. I'm not sure how many on the "procession" from WP to Cripple Creek. I heard there will be about 40,000 bikes. Yes, 40K. I'm just not sure how many ride together. It should be pretty cool!

And then Sept 3 a ride up to Loveland to sponser MDA. I'll be posting more on that later.

And we went to the PP HOG meeting last night. Cool stuff.

And I still have to get up to Castle Rock and Denver to see some friends. Busy, busy.

Intend to write more on the sand dunes ride later, and post some pictures - but we'll see. If nothing else, I will post about how the Cripple Creek ride went.


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