Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sanddunes maybe?

Might try a day trip down to the Sanddunes. The entire round-trip would be close to what we'd do for a single day ride down to Tif's - so it would be good practice, dry-run, etc. Let us know how it went.

Then there is a HOG pin-stop in Loveland in a couple of weeks. We might try that. We need to stop by some folks in CR and Denver and show them the bike - so this would be a way to get a ride in, get a pin, and do such catching up that is sorely needed.

Speaking of rides. Found out that Billings, MT has a great rally. The "Iron Pony Ride". Bilings to Cody - through some great areas. Many HOG rallys require registration *way* in advance, so although it isn't until Aug 24th, its already closed. Its registration opened in Feb! In any case - looks cool. We are going to have to keep our eyes open for rallys/rides for next year so we can get signed up in time. That ride sounds great because we'd be able to get with friends on both ends! Hopefully next year!

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