Friday, December 23, 2005

And another thing that would have helped if I had known earlier...

So Jaime and I are cleaning the house, because Tina is at work, we are off and this way we don't all have to do it tomorrow on Christmas Eve.

So I'm vacuuming (dyson vacuums RAWK) and the container is kind of getting full so I figure I'll empty it. I look at various buttons and figure how to get the canister off the vacuum, but not how to open it. I take it upstairs to Jaime.

Me: Hey, do you know how to open this?
J: taking it and messing with some buttons Not really. I don't think I've ever done it before.
Me: Takes it back, spots another button near the top, and holding the canister downward and gripping one handle, push the button - at which point the bottom pops open and the contents shoot out in a nice big gray pile of dust, etc. into the middle of the bedroom floor.

Jaime and I turn and look at eachother like this --- :-S

J: Live and learn

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