Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Tabs working - also VPN

I got my tabs working. Turns out I did have an extension installed, which probably didn't work with the latest version. I removed the tabs and now my previous problem is gone. Of course my tab functionality isn't nearly as good as it was before - but it is functional - which is most important. Maybe in the future I'll try and find the extension again and install the latest code.

And VPN is working. Woo Hoo. :) I got in, read irc logs and downloaded my email. After weeding through the stuff I don't really need to read - I only have 60 emails left to look at. :-S - But given its after midnight, I think it will wait till tomorrow. This is why I check email on vacation though. If I waited 3 weeks - well it just wouldn't be fun. Probably a few thousand email to wade through, with 500 or so to read. Maybe more. Yuck.

All in all things are going pretty good. A few things to blog tomorrow... but too tired now. Hmm... and Christmas shopping to do tomorrow - so maybe the blogging will have to wait till Thursday. We'll see.

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