Friday, December 23, 2005

Get a move on girl

Whole Foods is packed. I mean, people waiting in line to get food samples, aiales jammed, packed. And the store is laid out artistically in spots, so there are places where essentially 3 "lanes" will come together at once.

I'm waiting to move into a lane when this guy is coming towards me with his daugther pushing the cart and an older woman in front of them. The girl kind of stalls looking around at people, etc.

Dad: Come on girl, git a move on. Get a move on girl, you're blocking traffic.

The elderly woman hurridly pushes her cart forward and off to the side and turns with a startled look on her face.

Dad: Oh... I'm sorry, I was talking to my daughter, not you. "Come on. Get out of my way.", he snarls, and then grins and gives a big hearty laugh.

Christmas shopping... its a blast! :)

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