Sunday, December 25, 2005

In Search of the Spiritual - Newsweek Society -

In Search of the Spiritual - Newsweek Society - "Seventy-five percent say that a 'very important' reason for their faith is to 'forge a personal relationship with God'—not fighting political battles.

Today, then, the real spiritual quest is not to put another conservative on the Supreme Court, or to get creation science into the schools. If you experience God directly, your faith is not going to hinge on whether natural selection could have produced the flagellum of a bacterium. If you feel God within you, then the important question is settled; the rest is details."

Good quote, and when you get right down to it, how I feel. I've been having some long discussions (as noted previously) with an atheiest friend, about ID being taught in school. And this is why I've been having the discussion - because to me, having a personal relationship with God is what is important; not whether or not he is taught in school. And I think that if more Christians would worry about the former, and not the latter - that not only would they do better, but they would spread the light better as well.

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