Monday, December 05, 2005

Growing pains for Wikipedia - page 2 | CNET

Growing pains for Wikipedia - page 2 | CNET "Thus, to avoid future problems, Wales plans to bar anonymous users from creating new articles; only registered members will be able to do so. That change will go into effect Monday, he said, adding that anonymous users will still be able to edit existing entries."

  • Drag that they have to do that - although barring anonymous users just means you have to register - which isn't hard and isn't uncalled for. At least that way your "name" is on the article.
  • Given taht anyone can still edit - I'm not sure how it addresses anything. If I can edit it, I can replace it with whatever I want. Of course, assuming it works like MoinMoin, someone would be able to easily revert the entry and/or see what chang was made.

All in all, I'm not sure if this will really do anything, or is just meant to appease those who don't understand it better. Unfortunate.

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