Wednesday, May 09, 2007

AZ State Rally - Day 3 of the Rally

As noted, Tina slept in, but when she did get up I talked her into heading over to the rally pretty quickly. I didn't want to miss anything! We checked out the vendors, which were fewer than "big" rally's we had been to (such as Thunder in the Rockies), but were still cool.

We found the "cool vests" - but they were kind of expensive and we don't really need them that often, so skipped buying any. There was a vendor selling patches and sewing them on. There usually is, and I had counted on it and brought some patches with me - so got those sewn on my vest plus a few more. "Loud Pipes Save Lives" - plus had her sew on my HOG patch with the "Pikes Peak Chapter" and also the "HOG State Rallies - Arizona" patch. I figure I'll add the CO and the National on as well. Vest is starting to fill out some.

We also bought a small child genuine leather vest for PeaBaby and had an Air Force sticker sewn on it! We then went and watched some bike games and just hung out. We then went and had lunch - and ate in a Bud area and got a beer. I mention this because this is the first time I've seen a "beer tent" type area that had a sign "No Firearms Allowed!" You can carry firearms in the open in AZ - just not where they serve alcohol. But you can take them into banks. We talked to a guy who says he does it all the time. Tombstone and the wild west live on I guess!

We then watched some more games and then went back and had a Harley patch sewn onto PeaBaby's vest. It probably won't fit him till he is 2 or 3 - but its still very cute.

Basically just hung out most of the afternoon and then went and gathered for the parade. Talked to some folks from Phoenix, did the parade and then headed back to Tif's. We discussed hanging out for night activities - but decided that spending the last night with Tif was the better thing to do.

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