Sunday, May 27, 2007

Red River Rally - Sunday

Another good day. Road the Enchanted Circle "road rally". Won $10. :) Paid for the entry fee.

Bought a bit more stuff, talked to some folks, ate vendor food and local food and watched the bikes. Tomorrow's weather looks good. We aren't staying for the parade. Its been a great time - but time to get home and get ready for work and the week to come. So we are leaving early in the morning. Have a few good stories that I'll post later along with pics.

Just wanted to post we are having fun, its been a good time and we'll be heading home tomorrow. I imagine this will be the first of many Red River rallies.


Tina said...

Don't forget to tell everyone about the speeding ticket you got!! Wow, jello shots and a speeding ticket. You are living on the wild side!!!

PeaMommy said...

I love how mom feels the need to point out all the things you 'forget' to put in. Hee!