Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Loud pipes and car alarms

My boss Hans tells a story of how he helped his boss Kevin go pick up his first Harley. He drove it back to work and going through the parking lot it was so loud it set off car alarms. So I've heard of this, but never experienced it... till this trip.

Day 1 of the Rally we parked in a parking garage - and as we pulled in to park, the alarm in the car across from us went off! And then when we left (a bunch of us at once) all kinds of alarms went off. Wow... its true - loud pipes will set them off. But maybe its because its in a parking garage.

Then yesterday when I went to the store I was slowing down to go over a speed bump in the parking lot and reved the engine... and a car alarm went off.

I know - probably pretty annoying to the owners... but I think its kind of cool. :)


wife said...

THe strangest things are cool to you. Just like a little boy

PeaMommy said...

I think this is pretty awesome! Luckily my new car doesn't have an alarm or I'm sure it would have gone off every time you pulled into the garage. :)