Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Didn't know this was a problem!

Being a guy, it would have never occured to me that this would be a problem. But having just read it... I could see how it might be. In fact, I guess I would have figured you'd use both sides every time. But in any case, knowing someone who will soon fit this description, I figured I'd post it.

From Tricks of the Trade:
Amid the confused haze of sleep deprivation that comes with the care of an infant, a breastfeeding mother may forget which side she used last. If faced with this problem, simply place a hair band or bracelet around the wrist of the side you should use next.

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The Sanctuary At Sudden Valley Ranch said...

Hummmm .....
I always thought that you had a pretty wide knowledge base but this really proves that. Wow :o)