Monday, October 24, 2005

development standards

Within our development team we have standards on how mail subjects should look when coding reviews, design reviews, etc are sent out. The standard is in place to insure that certain information is easily asertained from the subject. This is done because requiring that people open the mail to determine the information is too slow; given some of us can get up to 20 of these mails a day and have many outstanding during a particular point in time.

A personal pet peeve of mine is people that can't seem to format a timestamp correctly. There are many ways to represent time (2005-10-25, 25-Oct-2005, 10/25/05, etc.) - and pretty much any as good as any other (unless you have specicial requirements). The key is picking one and everyone using it. That way it is standard. It just gets me that some people can never quite figure it out. I mean, if your job is to write code - something that in general has to be very exact, and you can't even get a timestamp right... well...


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