Friday, October 07, 2005

To Bike or Not To Bike

Been up for a few hours, reading email - I always have a ton of unread, and reading some blogs - waiting for the sun to come up. (BTW: My kid writes a great blog - I so enjoy reading it. What a young woman she is turning out to be!)

Anyway - the temp is dropping, but the cloud cover is disappating, and I think the wind is reducing. So colder, but less wind. Hmm...

Guess I'll jump in the shower, grab a lite breakfast and then head down to the bike rental place, getting a feel for the weather on the way. After all - it is my last day on the Island. I can always get warm on another day. It can't be as bad as standing on the side of the interstate in Montana all day flagging traffice and having your boss yell at you for getting in the truck to try and get warm because its like 0 degrees outside, you can see a car coming from a mile away and one passes by only every 10 minutes or so - so really, what does it hurt to sit in the truck watching in the rear view mirror when ITS ONLY 0 DEGREES OUTSIDE.

Hmm... that was a random thought. :)


Sue Wagner said...

It sounds like you are having a wonderful vacation! I'm so glad :)
I don't remember you working as a flagger in Montana... hummmm..must not have lasted very long .. I can see why.
You missed our blizzard/snow storm!
We got over a foot and it was very wet! Actually snowed in for a couple of days. But the sun is out and snow is melting and there will be a warming trend they say :
Love to you both XO

James said...

It was when I was working on the pipeline and we crossed the interstate.

Yeah, the vacation was great. I'll be posting more pictures some time this week.