Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fudge on the Island

So the island is known for its fudge. Fudge shops on the Island are more plentiful than pizza shows in Marlboro MA. There is one every 3 or 4 stores. In fact, in a 1/2 mile strip (or shorter) one of the local fudge shops has 3 stores!

So we are walking down the street and this guy walks up to an Information Booth. Little booth with all kinds of pamphlets on things/sites to do/see on the island, and there a few ladies inside of it to help with guestions.

Guy: "Hey, is this an information booth?"
Lady: "Yes, how can I help you?"
Guy: "Could you possibly tell me where I might be able to buy some fudge?" innocent look on his face

And then he starts cracking up... Well it made Tina and I laugh. :)

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