Monday, October 31, 2005

The movie theater is NOT your personal therapist room

Yesterday was a hard day, more on that later, so I went to the movies, just to get away from it all. At first I thought about going to see some shoot 'em up, army, honor, loyalty type movie - but I couldn't really find anything that looked good that was playing at the time I got there. So I went to see Dreams (which was really good). Kurt Russel and Dakota Fanning, both of whom I like.

But when I first got there it was almost exclusivly parents with their pre-schoolers... "Uh oh, is this a little kids film?" (It is a family movie, but not just a little kid movie, again, I really liked it). But I decided to give it a shot and sat down.

Directly behind me I could hear two women talking. One rather loudly, the other mostly just agreeing, saying "Uh huh", etc. Basically one pouring out her story, and the other just agreeing. I felt for the woman, but come on... is the movie theater, with your (2 to 4 little kids - I didn't turn around and look) really the place to do this? Statements like the following:

Much talk about what sounds like foster kids - because she was discussing so many different ones. ADD and other problems, grades, their parents, etc.

Yeah, I told James he couldn't come up yet. He has to get his life in order. He comes up and says how much he missed David, but I think its just an excuse to have someone take care of him. James... one of her foster kids?

Yeah, he just lays around and watches the TV. I wished he'd do something around the house.OK... maybe her husband? But he sounds like one of the kids. Even though I wished she'd just be quite, I can't help but hear her - she is really loud

Yeah, I wish he'd just win his stupid lotto. Then we'd be all set. He could get a maid, so I wouldn't have to clean up after him. And if wasn't against the church rules, he could get a concubine too (laughs), then everything would be perfect. He wouldn't need anything from me, and we could just hang out together and have a good time. OH MY GOSH. Like I really want to know that much about your personal life

Then the previews start, and she is still talking... I'm HOPING she is going to be quite during the movie. She tells one of the little kids, "Now you are going to have to be quite, so people can hear the movie wants it starts" - A good sign.

The movie starts - the talking stops. I sigh with relief. Cause I'm about "this" close to going and getting a manager or saying something to her, and I'm usually too much of an intravert for that.

And then in one scene Dakota Fanning opens her bedroom window like she is going to sneak out. "Wow. That is so Jennifer", and she pulls open the window and climbs out onto the roof, "Yup, exactly like Jennifer", walks over the edge and jumps into a pile of leaves, "Exactly like Jennifer. When she's 17 that would be Jennifer." At this point I just want to turn around and say, "For the LOVE OF GOD, would you SHUT UP".

But I decide that wouldn't be very appropriate (but "For the LOVE OF GOD" makes me think of Nick Black, Tiffany and Lindsey, and that is cool - another story for another time), so I just sit there, and luckily I either got into the movie so much, or she didn't find anyting else to compare to her life, that I never heard her say much else.

I just don't GET people who are so wrapped up in themselves that they do this kind of thing in a movie theater FULL of people (there were familes who split up because they couldn't find 3 seats together - it was packed).

So for anyone out there who might read this and talk a lot in the theater... please keep it down, please stop once the movie starts, and PLEASE, PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD, don't talk about your personal life. The rest of us really aren't that interested and would rather not hear all about it.

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