Sunday, October 15, 2006

O'Malley's Steak Pub

As noted yesterday, we stopped at O'Malley's Steak Pub in Palmer Lake. Here is the ChefMoz review.

Informal. Usually a number of Harley's out front, but also locals, fire-fighters, etc. You cook the meat: NY, Rib-eye, burger or chicken; yourself on their grill. Price is pretty good. 12oz NY for 10.99 - including salad bar (pretty simple - but it is all youc an eat) and fries or a baked. Not bad.


MOM said...

This isn't the place we went for your b'day is it?
It sounds good :o)
It's neat to "cook your own"

James said...

No, that was in Monument. This place is in Palmer Lake.