Thursday, October 12, 2006

Love the rumble

Tues it had snowed. Wed it was in the high 40s, but the roads were dry and it was sunny. I took the Harley to work. It was awesome. Crisp air, feeling the rumble, etc.

Sitting at a light, stereo going, bike rumbling.

Voice: I just had to roll my window down so I could listen to the rumble of the bike.
Me: I look around and notice the guy next to me has his window down and is talking to me. I laugh. Yeah
Guy: Yeah, I just love that sound.
Me: The Ultra's aren't as loud as most Harleys.
Guy: It still has that sound. The Japaneese have tried to copy it, but they can't. I used to have a Harley about 20 years ago, till my friend totaled it... Nice bike!
Me: Thanks

Light turns green and I drive off.

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