Saturday, October 14, 2006

PPHOG Fall Poker Run

The Pikes Peak HOG Chapter has their Fall Poker Run today. This is our first HOG poker run. It starts at the CS store on Powers - no idea where it is going, or how long. First bike out at 10:00, last bike out at 11:00. Last bike in... when final sweep comes in. So no time.

The sun is starting to come out now, so it should be a pretty good day to ride. A bit cool, but hopefully a nice fall day. According to the forecast, no chance of rain till 9:00 tonight. :)

I've *heard* that the fall run in the past has gone up through Victory to see the colors. We'll see when we get to the dealership and sign up. And adventure. :)

I've also heard that for the HOG runs, they have a road captain, a wingman and a sweep. We'll see if they do that on their poker runs. Also, no HOG runs can have stops at bars. So - should be an interesting day all around. I think this is one of the last big organized runs of the year. After that there is a toy drive, but it is just here in town.

Well... Cap'n Jack is calling. Gotta ride.

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