Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Short term memory loss

So if you've read the posts from a week or so ago, you know the trip down to AZ was not fun the first day. Seriously considered giving it up. Cold and rain. Not a fun combination on the bike.

So... yesterday, 20% chance of rain. Cloudy out. Take the bike or not? ... OF COURSE I take the bike. How can I not?

Leave work - it is raining - but not so bad that I gear up. I've got leathers - I should be fine...

Not a fun ride home. It is somewhat sleeting and in places the wind is really blowing. Going down one side road at 30 - the whole bike felt like it moved sideways 6 inches or so. Not swerved - just slide sideways. I took a long route home, because I didn't want to hit any big hills. Finally made it home, a bit stressed, a bit cold, and somewhat wet. So... the plan for the next day (which is today) is "Take the Jeep to work. Its not worth riding home in the rain."

So... I'm sitting here, looking out the front window at the sun beaming off the golden aspen leaves - checking the weather ... Hey... its only 30% chance. And the forecast says only a slight chance of rain. How bad could it be?

Yeah... I'll probably take the bike to work... But *maybe* this time I'll keep the radar up on my monitor and if it starts to look bad - head home. I think I'm at a state on the project where I can do that and work from home just fine. So maybe I'll be leaving today... or take the jeep... Yeah... the bike is probably going to win.

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