Saturday, October 14, 2006

Its those little details that count

So Tina and I get all geared up. Leathers, cold weather gear, the works. Put everything else in the side bags. Cap'n Jack is washed, oil checked, gased up, ready to go.

We leave the house about 9:15, and its a nice 15 minute ride down to CSHD. I'm almost sweating as we leave the house, but by the time we hit 50 on Powers, I'm glad I've got cold gear on and pull the neck wrap up over my mouth.

We get to CSHD just about 9:30, when registration starts... and notice there is *one* bike in the parking lot. Tina says, "Are you sure this is where they are having it? Doesn't look like enough bikes for a run." and then that little quite voice that has been buzzing in the back of my head makes itself a bit louder.

"Ah... *tomorrow* is the 15th, right?"

Hmm... I guess yesterday at work when I put a revision history in the code with 2006-10-13" and thought "How weird, how can today be the 13th when tomorrow is the 15th and the ride", I should have paid more attention. :-)

Oh well... no run, but we are all dressed up and on the bike. So its up to Grandmother's Kitchen in Woodland Park for breakfast, than out through the "burn" on 67 as far as we can go till the road is closed. Then back to town, stop at PPHD to look at clothes and get some oil, then up north and lunch at O'Malleys. Great steak that you cook yourself. I've only been inside once, and it was so smokey I never went back... but now that you can't smoke in bars... Someone said the food was good so we tried it out.

Came outside and it was just starting to sprinkle a little. Numerous bikers leaving and getting on their bikes and heading out. Got home with only a bit of sprinkles, gased the bike up, washed the windshield, checked the oil and its ready to ride tomorrow.

TOMORROW is the run - 85 miles or so - out toward Ellicot. So, if its not raining, and doesn't look like rain, it should be a good couple hour run. But today's ride was good to. If there is nothing organized going on, and if its not raining and we have the time off, we just make up our own run.

Need to do the Woodland Park, Deckers, Sedalia, Palmer Lake run next spring when the road is open (or later this year if the weather is good).

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